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we are all a part of one great whole

There are actually quite a few scientific theories that explain why astrology works. Once again, I could just tell you that our evidence is empirical; Amy and I have seen it work too many times to deny that it works and therefore, it works. However, you do not just have to take our word for it.

The first explanation is based on Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (E=MC2) which at its heart proves that all matter is made of the same thing, i.e., energy.

If we and everything else in the universe are all made of the same energy, then at that most basic level, we are all a part of one great whole. Is it also possible that this great whole is self-aware at some level and, at that level, a level that is outside of time, that we are capable of communicating with everything else? Perhaps this is the level that allows mind reading, spiritual communications, psychic phenomena, and predictions of the future.

Another accepted scientific discovery, Chaos Theory, can prove mathematically that a butterfly flapping its wings here in East Hampton has a measurable effect on the weather in Japan or elsewhere. It seems as if the fact that we are all connected by our commonality as energy as proved by Einstein also manifests as the ability of each part of the whole of our great system here on Planet Earth to influence every other part.

Each of us individually is a small world unto ourselves and it is obvious that we have an influence on those around us and even those who are not near us at all. We can be aware of some of the influences we exert on the world, but not all of them.

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