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I knew that saying, "When you Hate the Haters you become one of them" the other day, that it would not be universally understood as the absolute mathematical truth that it is.

Someone commented that it made them not want to read the "Don't Worry, BE HAPPY! READ THIS" Comment I usually do, not knowing that I didn't really do one, so I thought I would do one tonight.

Why? Because there is an astro correlation between the Adrenalin soaked Must See TV that was the recent Senate Hearings on Google's constructing a Big Brother Search Engine for the Chinese government that will lead to people being imprisoned and worse and the other hearing about the Consideration for SCOTUS of Judge Kavanaugh and the very much loosened up planetary alignment, which kind of resembles scurrying rats deserting a sinking ship.

I am not sure, but there were probably a lot of other examples of this kind of freak out in countries around the world and maybe at the UN, too.

Anyway, actions provoke reactions and so It's going to lead to a crash and free floating anxiety for the weekend - it's in the stars so it only inclines and doesn't compel anyone to be any way, but the tendency is very much there.

The situation is a lot like having a bout of Vertigo, which I have had and hope you never experience. The whole room dances before your eyes as you sit there trying to make it stop and the only thing to be done, if it doesn't require medication, is to sit there and be calm and know that it is going to stop, maybe to find something you like to look at to stay focused on.

That's this weekend. Stay focused on something and/or someone you love or like and know that you'll feel the come down and the anxiety and that's ok and it will go away when it goes away.

This too shall pass, one of the only sayings that is always true, like "If you hate the haters, you become one of them."

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