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Yes, if you shrink from and shirk your duties, your main duty being facing your shift potential and the shift hitting the fans of truth, justice and the American way (old USA Superman TV show reference, sorry rest of the world) there is GREAT potential for healing today.

This is a good thing because yesterday was Mood Swing Monday, though I don't think there's going to be another one that intense for a bit. There we are, one day away from the RELEASE that I have been predicting for Wednesday, though it could happen on Thursday or Friday, too, as in all three days.

So be on the look out for what is released from Wednesday through Friday this week. Today, Tuesday, be on the look in for your compulsions and the compulsions of others (OCD Tuesday?) But don't just look, listen to what they're saying to you about the past events that engendered them. And don't just listen to those sad tails, embrace them and befriend them and realize that you are fine the way you are, compulsions and all, and also realize that it is not that you are a flawed person that is the problem.

The problem is that you think that there is anyone who is not a flawed person and it is your self-critical judgment of your beautiful self that is the "food" for the compulsions to consume and shift out. So shift into high gear, take the high road about yourself, be your best friend, and watch those compulsions fall into line.

They have a purpose, but it is not to steer your "ship," only to help you to avoid the rocks and shoals and shallow water of a shallow soul and shallow people. I'm not just trying to make a delicious and nutritious word salad. I really believe that most of us are fine just the way we are and our biggest problem is not believing that that is the truth.

So if you want to be down on yourself, I suppose you can just keep doing it and/or projecting your self-hatred, self-abuse, really, onto others. Or you can take advantage of today's powerful astro weather energy matrix and show yourself the love that is waiting to come out of you. You can do it, if you want to.

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