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The world is getting better!

In Jewish mysticism, it is believed that 36 Tzadeks, Righteous People (of any sex) walk among us and for this reason alone God doesn't destroy the world no matter how stupid, cruel and unjust so many of us are or seem to be. Another favorite old religious school concept I love is that of the Bodhisattva, a Realized Being whose spiritual development has achieved the vibration where they no longer have to reincarnate on Earth BUT they do so in order to help all sentient beings attain the higher levels of spiritual development. Nice myths, right? Well, they ain't myths. I have had the privilege of knowing and actually living with one, Jessie Spicer Zerner, of blessed memory, the mother of my beloved wife, Amy Zerner. Anyone and everyone who knew her would be able to pass a lie detector test easily if asked if she was a Righteous Person. In fact, although she was a true WASP by birth, her funeral service was attended by a rabbi who came because, "She was a true righteous person." She changed our lives and everything that Amy and I do has been profoundly influenced by our time with her. After her passing I realized that she was both a Bodhisattva and a word I coined, a "nobodysattva." Though far from being a nobody, attaining fame as a greeting card designer, pen name, "Peja," and illustrating countless children's books. she was not a famous guru or holy person, except to us. This is often a true characteristic of the Bodhisatva and, I suppose, the nobodysattva because they do not seek fame, even if their good deeds do become widely known, And Tzadks are ALWAYS anonymous. Anyway, as I interact with people and especially in In Real Life (IRL) I am delighted to report that there are A LOT of truly spiritual people walking among us! Back in the 1960's and the early seventies, when I met Amy, I have to admit that I sometimes despaired about most people ever getting it for real, not just posing and talking about it, spirituality that is. Though I know that spiritual pride is the worst sin, there I was, writing songs like, "We Are One," and "In Another Lifetime," and they were good and rocked out big time, but the record companies and managers were afraid that people wanted "Give It To Me Baby" (great song by the insane Rick James) and the like. So Amy and I went around the gatekeepers and we commercially successfully created the art, books, fashion, jewelry and more that is THE ENCHANTED WORLD of Amy Zerner & Monte Farber and the work continued and we get it out there. Flash forward to today and that person standing next to you at a party or seated next to you in a restaurant, theater, political gathering, union meeting, public transportation or any setting - forgot walking down the street, duh! - is probably a lot more spiritual than you might suppose! It's wonderful! Our work is a drop in the spiritual bucket but that bucket has been filled by a lot of people down through the centuries and today and so many have drunk from it (I'm an Aquarian, remember, we pour out the water for all), that now there is health food in the supermarkets and you can get spiritual wisdom in every magazine there, too (if you look hard enough). So stop worrying about this politician and that jerk you know making it seem like the world is devolving. The world is getting better. Period. Because the people of the world are becoming better people, smarter people, more spiritual and more understanding. Does it always look like that? NO, but it is true. There are many more than 36 Tzadeks ("Righteous People Who Suffer" is the full name and the other "flavor" Tzadek is the "Righteous Person Who Prospers," so a Tzadek can be rich or poor, don't forget that!!!!!), walking the Earth. I've lived with one, two, actually, because if there's another thing I'm sure of it is that Amy is her mother's daughter and a truly righteous person. You might think I'm prejudiced but I'm actually quite judgmental and Amy fills the bill. Whatever, believe what you want. Suffice it to say I've met a few and I know I will continue to meet more before my time on Earth draws to a close. You might be one of them. I most certainly hope so, from one nobodysattva to another.

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