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The goal of the realized person is "Contentment in all circumstances," but I'm not there yet and neither is anyone I know or know of. Before you leap to the defense of this or that supposedly realized being I would call your attention to the words of Sri Yuktesvar, the guru of Paramahansa Yoganada, an amazing being whose body didn't decay after its death in 1952, according to Time Magazine back when that meant something. He said, "Those who are too good for this world are gracing some other far more better world.” I would wager that he and Yogananda and all the other spiritual masters of both sexes who lived before The Age of Aquarius would agree with me that there is a palpable overarching tension in the very fabric of daily life here and it is crying out to be released. Well, it's the Age of Aquarius and the planet Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius so that is where we should look to see if and, if so, when this tension may be released even a little bit, the way Earth released plate movement tension gradually (we hope!) with earthquakes that are livable. So, as anyone who reads my nightly screeds knows, the planet Uranus is in the sign of Taurus, where it is highly uncomfortable, astrology-wise. Uranus is the planet of eccentricity (it points its axis at the Sun and revolves like a wheel, not a spinning top, in its 80 year journey through the 12 signs). Taurus is the anti-eccentricty sign. Taurus wants luxury, not revolution, peace, not disruption. Sigh. I think you see what I mean. Uranus is not a happy camper when its camping in the sign of Taurus. And now we have to look at what planets are making what angles to the energy of Uranus, thereby creating the Uranus fill-in-the-blanks energy matrix. Saturn, which is in the sign of Capricorn, which it "rules" and LOVES, is making a beautiful trine aspect, 120 degrees, easy peasy flowing gauzy love fest...wait! Saturn is no fan of disruption either! The other name for Saturn is Chronos, like in Chronometer, it rules time and timing and structure and the bones of things. Uranus rules only a few bones, the eccentric joints, of course, the wrists and ankles (I should know, those are weak spots on Aquarians and prone to problems requiring medical attention). The trine of Saturn/Capricorn to Uruanus/Taurus is symbolic of the tension in the air caused by the world-wide movement away from useless, unfair, and even dangerous to the point of deadly traditions and cultural idiocies that cling to humanity like a giant stream of toilet paper leading back to the Dark Ages that we are presently pulling away from. But we're not pulling away fast enough and that is a big part of the tension I'm talking about. Enter Mars. And guess what sign Mars is in, now that it has finally once and for the next 664 (approximately!) days left the sign of Capricorn? AQUARIUS! Yes, Mars is in Aqaurius and is going to make an EXACT SQUARE TO URANUS, ruler of Aquarius, this Wednesday. It's close enough right now and we can all feel the tension because squares are all about tension, cross purposes, challenging energies. When you have Mars squaring Uranus from ANY sign, the potential for for breakthroughs and inflection points is at DefCon Five! I have a feeling that when Mars is in Uranus' favorite sign and makes a square aspect to it, then the potential for sudden releases and turning points is force multiplied. Or not. It's not called "the PRACTICE" of astrology (or medicine, or law, etc.) for nothing. We're all learning as we go along and I'm giving you my best, my deep, hey, I'm trying my best over here, give an astro weatherman a break! Seriously, though, when Mars squares Uranus, there is also the potential for carelessness that will lead to accidents so STAY PRESENT, STAY FOCUSED and you should be OK. Or, as I prattle on when Mercury is Retrograde, Be Aware or Beware, your choice. So no sudden crazy moves designed to free you or revolutionize your life. Let's wait until the end of next week for those moves. Until then, it will be more of the same Push-Me-Pull-You but since you'll be aware of it and also aware of the fact that it might be coming to a big turning point, you'll be prepared and may actually benefit when the shift hits the fans of shift. I happen to be an Aquarius and we are fans of shift (don't try to say that three times fast, especially with Mars squaring Uranus!)

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