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READ WHAT JUST DAWNED ON ME: THE AGE OF AQUARIUS is not for the faint of heart. Since its dawning dawned on me and I realized that September 11, 2001 was the opening of the door to what had previously all my life been THE FUTURE, I have thought long and hard about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Age that takes its name from my Sun Sign, Aquarius (I also have Venus and Jupiter there, all in my sixth house). If you were not seven years old or so before that Dawning Date, you have no idea of how much NO IDEA you have of how DIFFERENT things used to be. I know that people my age have said words like that to people younger than them since time immemorial but I don't care. The difference between the 20th Century and the 21st Century is the difference between wearing bearskins and LuluLemon yoga wear with anti-stink Silverence technology. Mars has just re-entered the sign of Aquarius, where it will be until...wait for it...November 16th! So what? Well, that means that Mars aggressive energies is going to be reinforcing in each of us our attitude about the Age we're living in, for good or ill. The Age of Aquarius is going to be right in your face and the time period corresponds to the mid-term elections here in the USA. SO what does the future hold in that election? Well, here's what Aquarius is all about. Did you ever see the Snoopy cartoon, "I love humanity. It's people I can't stand!"? That's Aquarius. I'm not saying I don't like people, but you know what I mean. We Aquarians, especially those like me with Sun and the "good" planets, Jupiter and Venus also in Aquarius, hell, we LOVE people, we dedicate our lives to The Great Work, taking the best from the past and re-shaping in with our own unique (crazy?) spin to help the best of the past to survive and to allow those of the future to thrive because of our work. But we don't exactly love those who a) don't understand what we're doing and, b) try and stop us. Aquarians are weird, no lie. We’re great in a crisis, we go Full Robot and get through it. When the shit hits the fan, get behind an Aquarian like me because we will survive and thrive and when it’s over…we’ll get really, really angry. Hey, no one’s perfect, certainly not me. Aquarians only get mad at things that happened in the past and, here’s the really crazy part, we get mad about things that MIGHT happen in the future! Now? A piece of cake, we LOVE now! For this reason, I would expect that those politicians who are unflappable and don’t care what anyone says because they’re going to get through the election process and are running on a platform that corresponds to the humanitarian futuristic Aquarian principles will do well and those who are not will not do well. Doing things the way they have always been done? Uh, uh, that's not going to fly. Doing some things the tried and true way and a bunch of other things differently and having a track record that shows you have done it before? That will fly and fly high. I realize that conventional wisdom says that people vote their pocketbooks. So if you believe that and want to know how the election is going to go, all you have to do is remember the immortal words of James Carvel during the Clinton years, "It's the economy, stupid." They had signs up in their campaign offices to that effect. But beyond money, any successful movement can’t just be against someone or something, there has to be a vision for the future that they are FOR, that's the Aquarian way. We once spent some time with a former British intelligence officer and he said that they never cared nearly as much when movements were against something but they really paid attention when a movement was FOR something. I think that around the world, people are hungry for more Aquarian Age change, the good kind, the great tech that empowers individuals. Anything that disempowers people, and that includes people with whom you and I disagree, will not make it in the Aquarian Age. The USA was an early adopter of the Aquarian Age principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Anything that discriminates will be regulated by the government, including the tech giants, which I first predicted a while ago when I say Uranus, ruling planet of Aquarius, was about to enter Taurus, where it had not been when Neptune was in its home sign of Pisces since the 1850’s and the run up to the American Civil War. The next civil war will be civil, I hope, if the tech giants can live up to their mottos, like Do No Evil. Prejudice and discrimination are bad. Period. The status quo will not be status or quo any more. It's The Aquarian Age, crazy! (You can say crazy these days but not stupid according to my PC App!)

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