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As someone who has seen the logic in Astro*logy, I HAVE to believe that yesterday's incredible planetary alignment engendered in the hearts, minds and souls of the planets movers, shakers, and doers a call to action that they immediately answered, putting into motion whatever they've been working on all this time previously.

I say this because I know that I went out on a limb yesterday with my delineation of the complex astro weather energy matrix I saw and the odds are that for most people yesterday, 9/11/2018, was not the life changing, life affirming experience I hope and pray it could be for everyone.

In fact, I'm sorry to say that it looks like the incredibly painful and brutal war in Syria has reached a terrible point that could lead to the greatest humanitarian crisis of the 21st Century, which is saying something. I know, however, that good people, too, have been activated by this energy and so good things on a wonderful scale are equally possible, though we may not see the reality of this for a while.

That is why I'm praying that we may soon see the "desert" of a crazy world bloom in terms of peace and love and mutual respect exploding into the hearts of those who now mistakenly think that war and hate and disrespect in all its forms are somehow justified - they are not and I don't care what anyone says about that.

The very stars are trying to lead the way to a better world for all of us but we have to do the work, right? Right!

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