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Here's what's going on today

DON'T WORRY, I'M TALKING ABOUT MINOR DEVICES SO JUST READ THIS: I have been doing more readings lately than I have ever done, so many that I am probably going to stop doing them for a few months, which has nothing to do with devices failing, except maybe me as a reading device, so never mind that.

There is a very complex blend of astro weather energies going on now that I have seen in the past line up to indicate something like: EXAMPLE: that you know that reliable old battery backup UPS (uninterruptible power supply) that you've had since forever and boy, they don't make 'em like that anymore?

Well, you're about to find out how they make 'em now because the old and the worn out and the outmoded and what has outlived its usefulness in your life is probably going to go the way of all flesh today or tomorrow.

I'm not saying that ALL of these devices are going to give up the ghost, just one, maybe two, unless you're living in a tech museum. Now while it is also possible that this complex blend of astro angles will translate into things other than obsolete tech, like relationships that have outlived their usefulness, I think that is going to be the exception and not the rule.

So if you've been thinking about replacing a piece of tech that you would be up the creek without if it failed you today or tomorrow, replace it now. You have been warned.

P.S. Buying new stuff is fun and good for the economy, so don't feel too bad about it, it will pay off big time and soon!

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