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Those of you who read my posts know that I have been banging on about the coming Grand Trine in Earth Signs. Well, IT'S HERE! Hooray!!!!

It can mean an extra-ordinary thing can happen to you and/or to someone you care about regarding y/our value system, y/our money, y/our career, y/our authority, and any and all efforts you’ve been making to revolutionize something on the practical, tangible level, though it could be the plan for that. Trines are ease, flow, harmony and a Grand Trine is all that and more, but an EXACT Grand Trine, like we have today? Well, that could really be extra-ordinary, like my day today, which was all that and more (read on, I am not exaggerating).

I wish for you the kind of wonderful day I had teaching a tarot class at the spiritual nerve center of East Hampton Town, Amagansett Village, Mandala Yoga yesterday, after which I did a few tarot readings. I love using what I know to help people, thereby repaying in a small way the Universe for the amazing life I've had and still have, as evidenced by part of my fun-filled day was getting to meet and spend some time with Sir Paul McCartney, a lovely man, who happened to be in the area and was interested in tarot! It was great fun casually mentioning that meeting to Amy Zerner in one of our frequent phone calls today, as she was staying home working on fashions for her clients at Bergdorf Goodman!

As I told my class, tarot reading is not about fortune telling but it can be quite useful in making one's fortune. And today is the perfect day to set your intention, at the very least, and to take concrete action to implement a plan designed to improve your level of material success.

For the astro curious, A Grand Trine is when you have three planets and they all have approximately 120 degrees between each of the three, forming an equilateral triangle in space, plus or minus 3 or more degrees, depending on the planets involved (the Sun & Moon are huge relative to the other planets, in terms of the amount of degree space they take up).

What we have today is The Sun on the 3rd degree of Virgo, the planet Saturn on the third degree of Capricorn, the sign it "rules," and is in every 28 years(!), and the planet Uranus on the third degree of the third of astrology's three "Earth" signs, Taurus, where it is not a happy camper and has not been for 80 years(!!!!)

How this Exact Grand Trine affects you can be understood by seeing how it “falls” in your chart. By plotting how the Exact Grand Trine overlays your birth chart, an astrologer can see indications of how this fortunate time may play out for you, keeping in mind Ptolemy’s maxim, “The Stars incline, they do not compel.” Just as there’s not astrology situation so bad that you can’t deal with it to your benefit in some way, there’s not astrology lineup that is so good that you cannot screw it up by being, well, a screw up!

We’ve all done it, so don’t feel bad if you have not taken advantage of the positive astro weather in the past. I would, however, recommend that you hire your astrologer friends to tell you how the Grand Trine is going to affect you. Here’s wishing that it enables you to take a quantum leap in your efforts to improve your material success. There’s enough for everyone!!! Bon chance!!!

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