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Don't Take the Bait!

Sun/Leo and Mars/Capricorn EXACTLY inconjunct, a lessor discussed aspect because it is a subtle one, the one where the two planets operate as if the other doesn't exist.

Did you ever go to a party and there's two people trying to act like the other person doesn't exist? Then think about the planet symbolizing our Purpose, our Ego, the Sun, in it's home sign of Leo parading around, look at me, I'm too cool for school (though those days are coming soon!) and then you have Mars retrograding in Capricorn, the Drive for our Career, for earning respect, for taking care of what must be done.

Fun & Games & Sun & more games versus Can't talk now, got to get to work. So which side are you on, boy, which side are you on? (Pete Seeger song, not patriarchy BS.)

Some will choose the Fun and that's fine, but don't let their Siren Song lure your carefully crafted hard work onto the rocks, unless you, too, have been letting your work, art and career go. Great progress can be made this week, we have an EXACT GRAND TRINE in EARTH in four days!

That is so amazing!!! I know astrologers whom I respect are seeing the Turkish Lira situation as adverse to international banking but an F'ing Grand Trine In Earth is not what I would call the Bat Signal of a world wide banking crisis, but its opposite.

Sun/Virgo, Saturn in its home sign of Capricorn, and the admittedly destabilizing and disruptive planet Uranus in the sign of Taurus, which is not exactly its favorite place to be, but I still think the harmonious nature of the Exact Grand Trine will save the day. Watch this space for more astro weather reporting.

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