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STOP CHECKING YOUR LOTTERY TICKET(S?) FOR A MINUTE AND READ THIS: I have actually been asked this question and its variant, "Why don't you win the Lottery?," and my answer is always the same, "I am rich. I did win the Lottery. I get to spend every day with the love of my life, Amy Zerner, we're relatively healthy and fit for our age, our bills are paid and from doing work that we love. If that ain't being rich, I don't know what is.” The Astro Weather Energy Matrix is now PERFECT for everyone to be able to clearly see the many ways that they are rich. Take a moment to do so. Welcome back. Of course, everyone is inclined to want to make things a little bit better and that’s very possible now, too. I have a not so secret method for doing so. If you're reading my book, "QUANTUM AFFIRMATIONS," and/or doing my QA technique, which you can learn from all the free videos and texts that we now offer on our free Facebook Group, I hope your goal is a reasonable one. Finding true love, a better job, paying your bills, those are all reasonable and doable and Quantum Affirmations works, so you WILL accomplish those goals. And the Astro Weather Energy Matrix could not be better for doing so!!!!!! I mean, really!! Ask any astrologer you know. Saturn in its home sign of Capricorn EXACTLY trining Uranus in Taurus!!! Come on! That's incredible for manifesting in the material world. And Jupiter in Scorpio EXACTLY trining Neptune in its home sign of Pisces!!!!! THIS CAN BE A TIME OF MIRACLES!!!!!!! In fact, I would not be surprised to see some very amazing and wonderful things happen in terms of national and world events, and not just the amazing things going on in the economy of the USA - there are "Help Wanted" signs everywhere you go, though the big box stores seem to be on the way out thanks to the disruptive Uranus in Taurus energy, symbolic of the futuristic internet shopping reality that is totally unstoppable. On an entertainment/infotainment level, I wouldn't be surprised if people like Amy Zerner and me started to appear on your devices from broadcasts initiated by big content providers, thereby remedying the obvious to all of us lack of real and intelligent infotainment with a metaphysical bent. The stars are inclining it, too bad they're not compelling it!! Don’t get me wrong, no one more than me believes that this is the Golden Age of…I don’t know what to call it. Scripted entertainment will have to do because it’s not really “filmed” anymore, not with digital cameras and streaming and who-knows-what-will-be-tomorrow tech allowing the most amazing images to be shown to our astounded minds! We’re experiencing “Altered Carbon,” starring our Swedish “friend,” Joel Kinneman, whom we were just watching on the second season of Swedish TV/film experience, “Johan Falk,” on MHz Choice. We call actors who we’ve seen in multiple shows “friends,” as a little joke. With shows like those, “Babylon Berlin,” "A French Village," "Spiral," "Occupied (Norwegian)," "Borgen," “No Offence,” and dozens more in every country, a Golden Age it is. Amy and I work very hard each day, we don’t just sit around visualizing, though we most certainly do our Quantumplaytion visualizations when we arise and go to sleep. And if we’re not too tired, we watch the creativity of the army of people it takes to produce the amazing variety of infotainment available to us all. We are all so rich in our ability to experience the creativity of so many talented, dedicated and persistent people!!

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