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a reckoning and a realignment

C'est la vie, c'est la guerre. That's French for That's Life and the second one is That's War. I have often written of my appreciation of Colonel Clausewitz, the Prussian General whose book, "On War," is still taught at every military college in the world right up there with Sun Tzu and "The Art of War." In it, he said the first rule of warfare is "Make Your Base Secure."

I have tried to live by that rule since I first learned it. For those who have a problem with viewing life as war, those who haven't seen natural history programs and interacted in the world of business, a nicer way to say it is "Put your mask on before helping the person next to you." You're not much use to that person if you're gasping for air and everyone from an individual right on up to a nation is not much use to its citizens if it does not take care of their security as the Primary Directive.

The nations of the Earth may not be at war in the classical sense, but there is at the very least a lot of competition and clashing conspiracies out there, no? The planet

Mars has retrograded back from the sign of Aquarius and into the sign of Capricorn and has now joined the planet Pluto, easily seen as Mars squared, in the sign of Capricorn. This affects us all. Capricorn is totally different from Aquarius and Mars in Capricorn is The Drive For Success, especially career success, and the gaining of the respect of those who you respect.

Pluto in Capricorn is why we have so many giant companies operating as monopolies and I don't know why the governments of the world are not putting the brakes on them, they're operating at such a universal level that the time may have come to see that the Internet, which was created by the US Military, has become a world, an ecosystem all of its own, with the large corporations having the kind of information and power that nations only used to dream of, in terms of command and control, a la George Orwell.

I do think that the governments are going to rein them in and I do think it is going to start soon and get going in earnest by the middle of September, when Mars goes back into Aquarius, at which time the tech giants will have another chance to get it right and do right by us, the people that they SHOULD be wanting to respect them, if their puffed up mission statements are to be believed and not their rapacious actions.

I'm the first person to defend the right of businesses to do business, but when corporations start to have more power than our government, there has to be a reckoning and a realignment in some way.

Otherwise, the hard-won rights we all enjoy will be easily denied to us in a venue that is as important for us to be able to navigate as the sidewalk or the roads. I may be wrong, but the astro weather energy matrix seems to be setting up the conditions I have described. What say you?

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