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things are less crazy this week!

AFTER CASTING YOUR MEMORY BACK THERE A LOT TO MARCH - MAY, READ THIS: As I write these words, the planet Mars has retrograded back from the sign of Aquarius, where it has been motivating me and those who also have planets and/or points in the early degrees of Aquarius, and is now in the sign of Capricorn. Those of you who read my screeds know I've been banging on about the retrogrades, six of them, that are in force now, forcing those who want to use the energy of said retrograde massage wisely to second guess their thoughts, actions, and even their inactions. One of the very interesting phenomena I've observed in my astrological studies is the retrograding of a planet out of the sign it has been chugging along in and back to where it once belonged. When the planet in question is the dynamic, aggressive, go fetch energy of the planet Mars, the effects are palpable. You may actually, now and/or over the next few days, feel that things are less crazy this week. I don't know about you, but I can use that. Example: If you have an online FedEx account, try and use it to ship a mythical package now. Their massive website has lost the plot and isn't letting us ship, so UPS it is tomorrow! Ay yi yi! My shipping problems aside, the planet Mars in Capricorn = Driven to be respected by those we respect, The Energy necessary to accomplish a long climb up the mountain of whatever, Fighting for one's career or at the very least pursuing one's career with a mighty energy. So the contrast of Mars in Aquarius is to Driven to be different, to be recognized as being rebellious, The Energy necessary to invent a new way of doing things and to force others to go along with it, the energy to be as crazy as our cat Zane who likes to go out in the rain (he just made an appearance on his way out his cat door so I thought I should include the little fellow). So Mars was last in Capricorn back in March 18 - May 17, so what was left unfinished or not done properly at that time, especially things relating to business, career, respect, authority, and fathering, will now come to light. And now that Mars is again in Capricorn, keep in mind that Mars will be there a while even after Mars goes direct on August 28th, at which point you should definitely put the finishing touches on making whatever you did during that March May period, finish it up by Sept 12th so that it is solid and will last. But don’t rush it, be patient. Whenever you are dealing with Mars or the sign Aries, which it rules, you have to also deal with the difficult challenge of patience. You can do it!!! Or at least we can all give it a good try. Patience is a virtue so here I am, my first bout of Virtue Signaling since I heard the concept, by Virtue Signaling Monte Style! ;-)

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