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Those who lament the problems of this time may want to take a minute and realize that things may seem like now is a crazier time than ever, but only recently has nearly everyone in the world had the ability to take a photograph of the crazy stuff going on, good and bad, and to then disseminate it to, well, to the whole world!

We may take this for granted but things used to be A LOT darker and things both bad and good used to take A LOT longer to percolate through the culture and get known.

Actually, most stuff didn't get known and the bullshitters and plutocrats controlled the media A LOT more than they do today! So when you see a snap of some jerk(s) doing something hideous or holding a sign with cruel words written on them please realize that in the very recent past that person would not be content to just have their fifteen minutes of fame, they would be doing something much more hideous and not just trying to get their idiocy to go viral.

So all that being said, the astro weather energy matrix for the coming week is basically a good one and those of you who have been wondering when a particular person whose actions have been bad from a karmic point of view is finally going to get their Karma, well, wait no more!

The Mercury retrograde can be like a trip-wire for karmic payback. Those who have sewn bad karma can fail to second-guess their duplicitous thoughts and deeds, fail to keep a lid on their bullshit, and the next minute, WHAM, their screw up isn't just a botched or failed upgrade of their IOS, their screw up is the karmic payback that they've managed to hold off for a surprisingly long time, from y/our POV I mean.

The combination of the Sun coming into exact square with Jupiter, which is great, really, lots of opportunities for growth and expansion, with Mercury Retrograde in Leo, which is where the Sun is, and you have the potential for some really entertaining Karmic Payback.

The very long and drawn out trine of Jupiter in Scorpio to Neptune in Pisces combined with all the other crazy astro stuff going on is most likely to manifest in most people's lives as the long-awaited breakthrough, either on the physical, mental or spiritual level.

If you've been doing the work, you can expect more striking results. Even if you have not, it should be a good week to move the ball forward in your life in some way, also known as Progress! I'll take it!

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