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To get well you have to know that you are sick and it's easy to see what ails the culture - the lack of being cultured and the lack of culturing in ourselves like a beneficial yeast for making bread, the act of developing the intellectual and moral faculties that make living with other people possible

The COMPLEX BLEND of Astro Weather Energies is pushing into our faces the fact that work needs to be done to make the world a better place. Violence is just more problems, not a solution.

Mars is retrograde, so our violent tendencies need to be second guessed and not acted upon. I'm not so naive as to not realize that the people who read my nightly posts are not the people who need to read tonight's post.

It's like when women ask me to write a book on being a man in the hope that it would help their mates and/or sons but we all know that even if I wrote that book the people who most need to read it won’t.

So, those of you who do read my words can benefit from knowing that you will benefit from looking within and centering yourself because those that do not look within and don't search out some kind of moral guidance from responsible mature people like me are going to be inclined to become unteathered and possibly a bit unhinged.

Therefore, it is crucial that we stay centered and in our power so we can stay safe and set defensible boundaries on all levels. It is important that we all THRIVE and not simply act like we are alive.

Powerful energies affect people differently, with those who have done the work of preparing themselves to carry the Sacred Flame handling these energies best and those who have chosen to ignore the fact that personal growth is not only possible, it's the reason we live, seeming to be carrying the Sacred Blame and trying to pin it on the rest of us.

There are real and, to me, obvious astrological reasons that so many people seem to be living in an alternate reality where truth is what they say it is and facts don't matter as much as how you feel about any given passing fancy.

Ultimate truth seems to be turning into ultimatum truth, deranged people saying Accept my Truth or else. That never ends well. So if you've read this far, you deserve to know that there is good news in the astro weather energy matrix as well as the Bat Signal illuminating the sky with the call to action "Get y/our shit together!”

Today is supportive of a sort of living version of my Quantumplaytion visualization technique from my Quantum Affirmations book/technique/free facebook group.

Today, you can actually allow yourself to live like today is your first day in your skin, as if you are a "walk-in," and you are a soul who has materialized into your body today, no history, no past to trip you up, just the experience of you interacting with the day.

Try it for a few minutes or hours, and don't be surprised if it brings up from deep within you emotions that you didn't even suspect were there. As I said when I started this, to get well you have to know that you are sick but sometimes when you are sick you need to act like you are totally well to get the info from withing to guide you to the next stage of your healing. And today is like that. Enjoy!

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