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Today, Friday, August 3rd, there are no less than 8 aspects going on between the Sun and the planets, Chiron, too.

The aspects are not all exact, some are far from that, but the number of energetic connections between the Sun, symbol of the basic energy that motivates us in our all too brief sojourn on Earth, and so many planets is worthy of note.

This will affect all of us in different ways, according to where in our chart the various planets are transiting, but suffice it to say that things are a COMPLEX BLEND, so don't berate yourself or others if they cannot be as focused and/or specific and/or succinct and/or use "and/or" too many times!

And if you were born in the first half of your sign, especially within the first five degrees, like me and Amy, things are even more complex for you. The way to handle this kind of a situation is to take it easy and take it slow.

Neptune, Mars, Pluto and, of course, Mercury are retrograde, so that is a lot of Second Guessing those areas of our psyche, not "just" our though processes, but our actions, ideals and judgment.

In fact, that is a lot of looking within for even a professional Looker Withiner like me, but look within we must!! So remember that a hand or a parasol can make the Sunlight's 93 million mile journey come to a screeching halt and so it is with the Astro Weather Energy Matrix.

The stars incline, they do not compel, said Ptolemy all those centuries ago and it is still true. Wonderful energies hang like ripe fruit for the plucking and partaking of them can help us all deal with the harder aspects as they affect us and those we interact with.

Complex Blend, indeed! That's the "coffee" we all drink every day. I write my nightly posts in the hope that you will share them and help others to deal with their own complex blend, aka, life.

P.S. I survived having transiting Pluto conjunct Mercury and transiting Mercury conjunct natal Pluto, on the same day Mars is exactly on my Sun. Actually, it was a wonderful day of gratitude, gratitude and more gratitude, with a lovely dose of love.

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