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Be Aware or....BEWARE

STEP IN THIS: Put two astrologers in a room and you get three opinions about everything astrological except what happens when Mars and Uranus are exactly square, like they are TODAY! The shits don't hit the fan so much as you throw them at the fan to spite the fan and then, splat, you get the fruit of your labor all over you and it's a mess and it stinks. The planet Mars is retrograde in the sign of Aquarius and if you read my post of yesterday, a post I consider one of the most important that I have ever posted, you know that retrograde time means second guess the actions associated with the planet that is retrograde. Mars rules all actions designed to get you what you want and need, your aggressive energies. Mars in Aquarius, the sign "ruled" by Uranus, gives us all the impetus to do things differently, to be free, to show our genius, our eccentricity, our rebellious side. What could possibly go wrong when Mars is in hard square polarizing 90 degree aspect to Uranus, the planet symbolizing how we grow (or not) and cope when the unexpected happens, usually like when the shit hits the fan but in this case it may very well be you feeling justified to do the hurling. I know why the caged monkey throws his feces (title of my next book?), zoos are prisons, even the best of them? Be careful that your actions are not an example of Monkey see, Monkey doo-doo. I would rather tell you the unvarnished truth, since I do know shit from shinola.

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