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A series of ordinary days

Tonight there is a Full Moon in Aquarius and the Sun is in Leo. And it is a Lunar Eclipse…

I am a Leo Rising, which means that I LOOK like a Leo (a bit cat-like) and I ACT like a Leo (I am demonstrative to the nth degree) but I'm not necessarily a Leo (and I'm glad we didn't step in it - bad old joke!) I am an Aquarius and so I can look at my Leo Rising, with Pluto in Leo on my ASC, as a scientist would and the way a scientist would look at a Leo would be to say, "Damn! You make a big show out of everything!!” I am not one to make a big deal about eclipses, even tonight's click bait for a million websites "special" Moon! In the language of astrology, an eclipse means that, where it falls in your birth chart, practical mundane concerns (from "mundus," the world or the Earth) gets in the way of your Ego/Purpose (the Sun in your birth chart) and your Emotions (The Moon) are hidden even from you about the matters symbolized by the house were the Moon came full, in this case, the 12th degree of Leo is where this "special" Full Moon Eclipse will occur.

Come on, every time you look at the Moon, isn't it special? The damn thing is real and it's out there and it circles the Earth so closely that the new cameras can get amazing shots of it and I always keeps its same face (roughly) facing the Earth (like a mother facing her child, which is why the Moon rules mothering and nurturing in western astrology). The eclipse is rarer, I’ll admit, though it is like dining out in a great restaurant is to a home cooked meal, they're both wonderful. In fact, I prefer to eat anything cooked with love, especially by my love. But that's just me, a Leo Rising, but one who knows the value of a series of ordinary days. I get chills as I write those words, “A series of ordinary days," because I first heard them spoken by one of the most remarkable women you'll ever hear of, Gerda Weissmann Klein, the subject of the Academy Award (R) winning Film, "One Survivor Remembers." I have been lucky to have known a lot of people whom both I and the world considered to be very special people and one thing they believed, as I do, is that every person is special. Every place is sacred and every space is sacred. And every Aquarius Full Moon, well, hey, that is REALLY SPECIAL!!!”

This artwork is called ENLIGHTENMENT, by Amy Zerner.

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