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The present Grand Trine really IS a PRESENT!

The fierce demon cats of this meme are nothing compared to our facing ourselves and realizing that we may be self-sabotaging our efforts to achieve.

The late Joseph Campbell pointed this out in his wonderful "The Hero' With A Thousand Faces," an exploration of the Journey for the Holy Grail and similar myths of antiquity.

At this point in my life, I assume that there are aspects of myself that work against my best interests, some that I can see and some that I cannot see.

As a counselor, a friend, and as an observer of people I interact with, I can tell you that I have never seen anyone live a life of quality and meaning without some level of self-examination and introspection, all done with the caveat that "I don't know it all.

I really don't know what I don't know. Knowing this is the first step to dealing with it." The present Grand Trine really IS a PRESENT, a gift, to those who are present and present to themselves an honest examination, an inventory if you will, of strengths, weaknesses and goals.

The free flowing nature of this celestial equilateral triangle represents a harmonious flow in our efforts to achieve practical goals. But this Grand Trine started off with a Sun/Pluto opposition - power struggles - as part of it and it is now, thanks to the retrograde motion of Mercury, going to soon include a Uranus/Taurus Mars/Aquarius square, a challenge to pursue one's passion and pierce the veil of boring illusion without being so excited and exciting and excitable that one produces a trail of accidents and/or outbursts in one's wake.

So if you're near your goal, realize that it is YOU who have been preventing you from achieving it more than anyone and anything else.

As the great Chinese general, Sun Tzu so famously said, "S/he who overcomes others is great. S/he who overcomes herself or himself is greatest."

STAR DATE SUPPLEMENTAL: I have seen numerous people who don't finish what they start, no matter how much they say they want to achieve a goal. Why? Because when you finish something, it is judged, you are judged for how it is judged.

Amy Zerner and I finish what we start because that is how you create something. You don't just talk a good game.

You don't work and work but don't bring something to completion because you have found something more important to work on - a self-deception because that goal, too, will not be achieved, something else will be found to be more important as a sop to keeping that person from completing, from closing the deal, from having it and them judged by a RESULT!

You don't get results when you don't complete something and, like the movie producer in the joke who never produced a movie but kept being promoted because he never produced a movie that lost money, you can't say your work didn't pay off because you didn't finish the book, the movie, the project.

Either it's still "in process," "being worked on," or some other euphemism for being in limbo. Limbo should be a dance, not a way to live one's life. Right?

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