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New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse

In my not so humble opinion, too many astrologers have a tendency to treat interpreting eclipses like a scene from one of those old movies where the indigenous people are frightened into submission when the Sun appears to be eaten out of the sky.

IRL, Indigenous people have oral traditions stretching back millennia telling them that eclipses are not the end of the world and we, here in the 21st Century have memories lucky enough to stretch back to the last couple of Solar Eclipses and, guess what? We survived them! Oooooo. Cue the spooky music!!

Even if this partial Solar Eclipse was spooky powerful in some way in the places where the Moon's shadow falls, in this one it's mainly over open ocean and the very southern tips of Australia and New Zealand. Enjoy!

Seriously, what is a Solar Eclipse? A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon With Benefits. New Moons are all about beginnings but when the Sun and the Moon are almost in line with the Earth, which is when eclipses happen, you have a situation, astrologically speaking, where Emotions (the Moon), get in the way of Purpose or Ego (The Sun). Keep in mind that the Moon is dark, so that is actually the best way to "see" emotions because they can only be felt, no distracting visual.

So we have a situation where the available astro energy during an eclipse is one of pure emotions available to our Ego/Purpose. Wait, not just available, they are there as strongly as they can be but unseen.

You have the Sun and the Moon in the same sign, so you are getting a blast of the Sun's bright light ego purpose aspect, in this case in the Sign of Cancer, the nurturer, so the seen role of the nurturer is there but heavily influenced by the unseen pure emotional essence of the same sign, Cancer, so the nurturing of those you care about is an issue that cannot be avoided.

This time, that powerful expression of the energies of the Sign of Cancer, RULED by the Moon, no less, is happening at the EXACT time that Pluto, the planet of extreme judgment, is opposite to this Sun/Moon conjunction.

It is POWERFUL!!!! And the reason I think it is going to be a mainly powerfully good and lucky energy matrix for the world, in general, is that JUPITER is STATIONARY DIRECT as I write these words and will start going forward later today. WHEW!!!

Remember what I wrote about retrograde planets a few posts back, now we can grow and expand from our outer directed energies.

We don't have to concentrate as much on our inner growth - don't get upset, I'm not saying we don't have to do it at all, it's just that being focused on expanding our fortunate interactions with the world is now favored for most people.

That doesn't mean you should not take my Quantum Affirmation online course, damn, it's been manifesting miracles in our lives of late and I hope you'll join us.

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