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today is going to be intense!

The level of intuition and idealization we can expect to experience today is truly unusual.

The problem with aspects between Neptune/Pisces and the Sun/Cancer, and the trine (120 degree harmonious flowing goodness!) aspect between them is EXACT today, is that idealism is fine as the carrot on the end of the stick that gets us all motivated to bring heaven down to Earth, or to just be a kind and compassionate person, but Neptune can also represent the energy of deception when the deceiver decides to spin a web of lies to make things sound better than they really are.

In other words, this lucky day of compassion, intuition and inspiration can also be a day of being lied to, so as I always say, you have to be aware or beware, the choice is yours.

What makes this day unusual is that we have this exact Neptune/Pluto trine, with both planets, themselves, trining Jupiter/Scorpio, symbol of an expanded and improved bullshit detector, and forming a Grand Trine, which most astrologers consider to be very lucky but it can also make one depend on luck to save the day and that can lead to a lazy person who doesn't grow the way they might if they weren't so lucky.

I realize that many who don't have a Grand Trine in their chart would like to be a little lazy, I'm with you on that. But if the Grand Trine wasn't unusual enough, the Sun/Cancer is four degrees away from making an exact opposition to the planet Pluto/Capricorn, so power struggles resulting from extraordinary emotional experiences where compassion and intuition end up revealing secrets is what you can expect to experience today.

Some people are just going to bail out, quit, leave the field, leave home. I know it's Sunday but they may decide that they won't be where they are expected on Monday or any Monday. I told you today is going to be intense!

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