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everyone has a story

We are all born creative. In fact, I could easily argue that being born is one of the most creative things a person ever does, both child and mother. We men are in awe of a woman's power to create life and a baby's relationship with its mother.

I could also argue that a major reason for the misogynistic nightmare of primitive and vile cultural subjugation of women by the backward looking pre-DNA test cults that continue to infect the planet like a cancerous tumor are based on the desire of men to know that the children they are leaving their wealth and power to are really their children. But I digress.

Creating your life every day is an art and we are all artists. Amy Zerner and I believe this with every fiber of our being. People who meet us are often surprised that we are more interested in being with them then running our mouth to run our games about what we do, what we did, what we're going to do, blah, blah, blah.

Edgar Cayce, referred to as America's Sleeping Prophet, was asked while in trance what was the highest spiritual act a soul could accomplish on Earth. He answered that the highest spiritual act a soul could accomplish on Earth was to make their home (and, IMHO, their very being) a place where a person leaving it was better off than when they had entered it. In other words, being present with the person you're with is the highest spiritual act of which a human being is capable. I loved reading that and I think about it often.

I live it all the time and I highly recommend it. For one thing, everyone is interesting. Everyone has a story and you can learn something from everyone, no matter what their age, where they're from, there's no limit. And it's both entertaining and educational and we're talking about IRL here, people, In Real Life!

So I write this post in the hope that you'll use your creative potential to do your best with what you have to make things the way you would like them to be. When you do that, you are no longer a victim, you are, instead, living your life to the full. And if you want to turbo-charge your creativity and your life, you should take my Quantum Affirmations online course or at least join the free Facebook Group of the same name.

Or not. As Amy told me, the common denominator of all human caused suffering is Poor Decision Making! Think about it. She nailed it. She's not "just" an artistic genius and a pretty face. She uses her creative potential like the Sun uses hydrogen! ;-)

And speaking of the Sun, WE HAVE OURSELVES A GRAND TRINE!!!! Enjoy today, Friday, July 6 and the whole weekend. Take off today if you can. And speaking of taking off, the planet Mercury in the sign of Leo is opposite the planet Mars retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. That means that though the great grand trine means emotions are flowing, the Mercury/Leo opposite Mars/Aquarius means that people are going to be more than willing to speak their minds about how they feel and, in particular, how YOU made or are making them feel.

So you have the Grand Trine in Water signs and the the fiery opposition heating up the water to the boiling point. I hope something creative is birthed from this powerful astro weather energy matrix. One thing I'm sure of is that it's going to be a creative day!

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