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Grand Trine Alert!

Whether or not you believe in astrology I hope you believe this: YOU ARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE! But what do we believe? What do we know beyond doubt here in the 21st Century when "God/dess is dead," to many people, myths are viewed as quaint fairy tales, and streaming TV, movies and social media are the new gods in town? If you follow the news you can see that there's a new tribalism evolving, centered, not on location or an organized religion or even a political movement but on what people believe to be true! Truth is now a rare and valuable commodity. There are many examples of this but I saw a new one today, #WalkingAway that seemed to be uniting the most diverse cohort imaginable in the USA. Another thing I've noticed, in this case within myself, is that my dedication to self-improvement and self-awareness has now led me to question how much of what I believe about what and how other people believe what they believe is the result of prejudices drummed into my head from an early age - not by my parents, I never trusted them - but by the mostly men who wrote the books, textbooks, TV shows, movies, and equally important were the TV newscasters, magazine and newspapaer articles when I was growing up. I have long since evolved to an internet as research tool mind set but I am now realizing, and I'm sure a lot of you are realizing it, too, that we have to question our every assumption and question every word spoken by every person in every media because a lot of them are lying, either to themselves or to us (maybe to both!) because they want things to be a certain way and they want to use their megaphone to effect that change, the truth be damned. I'm sorry, I'd rather sit in silence and hear what my intuition and logical mind has to tell me then be lied to by someone who doesn't know how valuable is the truth, unvarnished by "It should be so," or "If I tell this lie big enough and long enough then it will become truth.” The Big Lie technique was an invention of the 1930’s and 1940’s National Socialist Party of Germany and we know what happened to those evildoers. I want the truth and I can handle the truth because the truth shall set us free! And it saddens me to see how so many people can’t handle anyone disagreeing with them, truth or not. As said by Sri Yukteswar, guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, “The truth is not afraid of questions." If you've read this far then you are a fellow truth seeker and deserve to know the truth about the now forming Grand Trine in the element of Water, feelings, emotions, intuitions, psychic stuff, compassion and more. The Sun (our ego, our purpose) is in the sign of Cancer (nurturing, sensitive, caring, goal-oriented) making a trine (120 degree harmonious aspect) to both Jupiter (how we grow when things go well) in Scorpio (sexy detective secret agent) and Neptune (how we grow through balancing reality with utopian idealism) in its home sign of Pisces (humanitarian on a one-to-one basis, not theoretical).

It can be very lucky, especially for babies born over the next few days, but that energy is available to each and every one of us because that Grand Trine falls in our own charts. It can make for lucky coincidences that can seem magical, truths revealed whether we want to see them or not, and intuitive hunches that benefit us in some way. It’s a great time for a holiday so at the very least, enjoy yourself, though it’s so hot that my normally heat loving seventeen year old shaman crazy cat, Zane, just came in early tonight! It must be brutal outside!!! I am someone who wants my over fifty published works in eighteen languages (Karma Cards will be out in China next year!) and my work here on Facebook, especially my QUANTUM AFFIRMATIONS work, to help people to successfully navigate their lives but they will never do so if they don't figure out who's lying to them, including the lies they tell themselves. As Plato said, "The unexamined life is not worth living," and examining your life now using the energy of the water Grand Trine can help you to see that life is not how the screenwriters say it is, far from it. they're using a formula to get their scripts sold and on the screen and that usually involves too much crazy stuff, too much sex, too much drinking and drugs, and too little thinking ahead. That ain't life, that's Hollywood and not knowing the difference and not knowing our one-ness with God/dess is a big reason that the world seems to have gone crazy. It's time for a return to relevance and truth and beauty and kindness and logic and even more truth.

And that's all I'm going to say about that!

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