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Communication Breakthroughs Are Favored Today!

I wouldn't be surprised to see an announcement in the news today about a technological breakthrough in communications, maybe the day of Quantum Computing has finally arrived?

In y/our personal life, if you're like me, you know more than a few people who simply have nothing to do with other people, some of whom used to be mutual friends.

I am not saying that friendship is going to come again - it might, of course, but that's not likely - what I am saying is that if you think you would feel better to once again communicate with someone you have refrained from communicating with for a time, today, Sunday, is a good day to give it a try.

Once again, I'm not saying it is going to go perfectly and the upshot might be that you realize that you were right not to communicate all this time. And now, you will be sure of that.

Or else healing might take place. A realistic view of what is possible is SO IMPORTANT in all things. So many people think that those of use who use astrology and tarot and metaphysics and spirituality as a tool with which to interpret and operate our lives in a way so that we THRIVE are irrational and utopian and deluding ourselves! How wrong they are.

I read the news and see people trying to implement ideas that feel good and sound good but are not practical and ignore fundamental human nature and the way things work, two things that should never leave the mind and heart of anyone who counsels others.

Reality trumps everything. The only sin is ignoring our one-ness with God/dess and that is exactly equal to ignoring reality. So don't ignore reality, don't ignore human nature, and you most certainly can ignore anyone whom you have been ignoring and want to keep ignoring.

I'm just saying that if you've gotten the itch of late to get back in touch, today's the day to scratch that itch.

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