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Mars is Retrograde...

Mars is retrograde so be aware of experiencing depression, which can often be anger turned inward.

Despite what many astrologers would have you think, especially the ones who have been studying for like two or three years, y'all!, Depression is not something plaguing only people with Capricorn prominent in their charts or hard oppositions to or from Saturn. Everyone experiences depression at some point in their life, though of course that depression is relative to their normal baseline state of being. When Mars goes retrograde in any sign it is a time when our aggressive energies are best used to fight the inward battle that we are all fighting, the battle to be ourselves fully, our best selves, so that we can have the best life possible to us, the T word, remember, THRIVE! So every few months, the retrograde motion of a planet reminds us to turn our turrets inward and stop an imbalanced concentration of our attention and resources on fighting the battles of the outer world. Please note the wording in today's Meme post and all my posts. I want the energies I describe to be accurate for as much of the full number of people who read my work as possible. So I'm not saying that you, yourself, are necessarily going to be experiencing depression. A large percentage of the population is going to be experiencing depression as something happening to the person or persons you may encounter. You're still "experiencing" depression though you are not depressed, though it can sure challenge you to be in the presence of someone who is truly depressed. So with Mars now retrograde in Aquarius for....look it up, it's time for you to learn astrology stuff! - you have Mars, symbol of the aggressive energy available to our ego to get what it wants, turning inward and bringing in with it the energy of the sign Aquarius, sign of the unusual, the eccentric, the disruptor, the revolutionary, the crazy. I can just hear the delight in your voice as you read this! Don't worry, you've survived worse and you will survive this. Perhaps those whose charts were overly sensitive to this anger turned inwards picked up on the energies as Mars slowed down to go stationary retrograde and famously took their own on-the-surface blessed lives. I like to practice what I preach and so I won't use my Mars energies to get angry at my grandmother for her suicide before I was born, though I suffered the consequences of her rash act through my mother's mental illness brought into the light from finding her mother hanging and I probably would have liked her and she, me, had she not taken her life. But if there's one thing I want my nightly essays to convey, it's that life happens and you get to choose whether you are going to stay down when you get knocked down and how hard you are going to fight to get back up again. And that's where your Mars energy comes in.

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