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take advantage of the astro weather today

Some days the aspects are forming and some days the aspects are formed and today THE ASPECTS ARE FORMED and waiting for you to take advantage of the teed-up energy balls just waiting to be driven down the fairway of your life. Or I suppose I should say the un-fairway of y/our life because life is so often unfair. One of the greatest days I ever had as an astrologer was the day I tried looking at the planets and their aspects (angles) as different aspects and qualities revolving around how we grow. I think it has set me apart in my understanding of astrology, which has it's good and bad aspects, of course, like everything else. Example: Today and for the next few days, you should take advantage of the astro weather energy matrix, another of my concepts, to change the way you parent. Change the way you parent your young charges and those who are older but depend upon you nonetheless. Change the way you parent YOURSELF! Sure, you don't have to do a damn thing and just sit on you butt and join all the other deadbeats, but if you take advantage of the astro energies? You will grow and THRIVE! That's what I'm talking about, especially in my

technique, thriving! Why not? If there's one thing I'm sure of it's that life goes by quickly, our 40th Wedding Anniversary? It seems like we were just married! We have had over 50 of our works published? It seems like we're just starting! Zen mind, beginner's mind, right? Right! When you couple that with preparation, you run into these amazing astro energy days where opportunity meets your preparation and you have what looks like luck! For the astro curious, Mercury/Cancer is EXACTLY opposite Pluto/Capricorn, the Sun/Cancer is almost exactly opposite Saturn/Capricorn - a planetary situation that should have books written about it but here we are living it! It happens every 28 years!!! Venus/Leo almost exactly opposite Mars/Aquarius, Neptune/Pisces, which we've been living through for a while but last time it was here was before the American Civil War/ still in loose Grand Trine to Jupiter/Scorpio and Mercury/Cancer, and throw in the Moon/Scorpio conjuncting Jupiter/Scorpio today and you have a complex energy blend that can be used for your personal and business and career and educational GROWTH! Although Saturn is, indeed, in Capricorn, a Do What You Have To, Not What You Want To energy if ever there was one, I'm not saying don't enjoy your weekend, I am saying don't try to diminish your consciousness with escapist substances and pastimes that work against your growth. What they are, only you can decide.

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