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what is magic?

We have yet another Grand Trine forming, a potentially wonderful and beneficial aspect pattern in the Astro Weather Energy Matrix where we are going to have Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in Cancer making a great equilateral triangle in space! Children born at this time will be emotionally noteworthy in some way, empathic, compassionate, psychic but, let's face it, a lot depends on nature and nurture because the emotions might flow too easily for these kids and they may rely on their emotions and intuition too much. Life is all about balance and the middle way, no? So one of the things that will be facilitated by this grand trine, and one of the things that I have not given enough words to is the fact that Jupiter in Scorpio is VERY beneficial to the practice of magic. But what is magic? Magic is the working of your will upon the world. Period. So creating something is making magic, making things better is making magic, making things worse is magic too, but it's the kind of magic that, like the good magic, comes back in true karmic form, though it doesn't often seem that way because some people seem to get away with making things worse for people, though I choose to think that it catches up with them eventually and beautifully. And the first rule of magic is...actually, the first rule of magic is "Pee first," but the first rule about making magic is ShutUpAYouFace, shut up, keep strum, be quiet, don't tell anyone what you want to do because no one will understand, though they might say they do, but they won't really. NOTHING good can come of sharing your intention when you want to make magic. And, especially in business, NEVER volunteer information. Once again, nothing good can come of it. Scorpios know this intuitively and Jupiter being in Scorpio is one of the reasons that now is the time for all good gentlewo/men to make some very cool and powerful magic!!! But anyway, if you're someone that wants to make your wishes real, to work your will on the world, this is a great time to do it but do you want to just flail away and hope for the best or do you want to use an organized system as a framework for your actions.

I'm going to post the link to my QUANTUM AFFIRMATIONS Facebook group, it's free, and if you've not taken the arduous task of clicking on this link or searching out this group before, now's the chance to correct your error and get with the program that works and is fun and easy - would you expect anything less from me? I will keep hammering away at you until you stop resisting creating the life you have always dreamed about because it is the best way to insure that my magic luck keeps flowing. Sharing one's good fortune is another great way to make magic, so here's the link and don't be lazy, it's free!

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