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JUPITER: The Big Picture

The symbol for JUPITER shows the half-circle symbolizing both the intellectual and the emotional halves of the polarized, individualized Soul is connected to the right arm (facing us) of the cross of Matter. This symbolizes that the energies of the planet Jupiter are those where there is a useful and harmonious connection between the individualized Soul and the material Universe.

The Soul knows that abundance is its birthright and Jupiter symbolizes this abundance. While Saturn is anchored in the material world, Jupiter can be seen as a ‘sky-hook’ that connects us with what we want, using the knowledge that we’re going to get what we desire because we should have it. Some people call that ‘luck’.

It is not surprising that the word ‘jovial’ is derived from ‘Jove’, the Roman word for Jupiter. But when 'lucky' people act like they have all the answers, then the bragging, exaggerated aspect of Jupiter rears its ugly head.

Jupiter represents the tools used to aid growth in knowledge and understanding. While Mercury symbolizes piece-by-piece perception of individual facts, Jupiter represents assembling the broad picture. It is the ‘forest’ to Mercury's ‘trees’.

When Jupiter is tuned into the search for understanding of the human condition laws, religions and philosophies are produced, as well as the teaching and widespread dissemination of these subjects through publishing and broadcasting. The search for different approaches to life leads to foreign travel.

Influenced by Jupiter, a lucky, jovial, philosophical person may go overboard in his enjoyment of the finer things in life and become a real ‘high liver’. It's no wonder that Jupiter is said to rule the liver as well as the blood, veins and arteries and they carry life to the farthest reaches of our bodies - and our hips and thighs which help to move us around the Earth.

KEYWORDS: expand; enlarge; increase; develop; achieve; integrate; encourage; prosper; jovial; positive outlook; luck; wealth; generosity; bounty; the Cornucopia; teach; broad perspective; higher education; Law; Philosophy; Religion; broadcasting; publishing and travel that exposes one to new ways of living and thinking.

JUPITER’S MESSAGE: ‘The purpose of Life is to grow and expand in experience, knowledge and understanding. This is true for everything in this world and in all other worlds.’

JUPITER’S WARNING: ‘Remember, it has been said there were two messages over the entrance to the Oracle at Delphi in ancient Greece: ‘Know Thy Self’ and ‘Nothing In Excess’!’

Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, rules expansion, growth, the big picture, thinking big, being jovial, and being fortunate. Jupiter symbolizes our capacity to grow as human beings, in our work, in our relationships, and every other area of our life. Jupiter rules plain luck, but also the true fortune that is the result of expanding one’s mind through learning and being open to new ideas.

This enables a person to see and take advantage of opportunities another person might overlook. Jupiter rules expansion of all kinds, whether buying another business adding a room, or increasing the size of our waistline. It rules abundance and it also rules too much of a good thing. When Jupiter energies are operating in your life, things will not go badly even if you just do nothing. However, when you work hard during one of those times, the results can be spectacular good luck.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter.

From KARMA CARDS: An Astrological Oracle (c) Monte Farber

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