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The symbol for Mars shows the cross of ‘Matter’ above the circle of Spirit. Though in practice the cross is drawn like an arrow, giving us the active, goal-oriented feeling of Mars, the placement of the cross over the circle symbolizes that material goals are emphasized over spiritual ones. The picture or ‘glyph’ for Mars has come to symbolize ‘Man’.

Mars, ‘the angry red planet’, named after the Roman god of war, was found to have a surface resembling a planet devastated by war. But the fiery, hot-headed, quick-to-act image is not the complete astrological meaning of Mars.

He represents our Will Power, the energy possessed by our ego (the Sun) that enables us to go after, gain and accomplish what we want. Mars is how we assert ourselves as individuals.

Through Mars, we grow strong through challenge, competition and debate and by being forced to confront the strength of our desires and dedication. Mars rules the head and especially the face. He also rules weapons.

KEYWORDS: the masculine principle; assert; lead the way; strive; ignite; challenge; fight; debate; confront; have courage; take action; act alone; strengthen; initiate; agitate; compete; force; achieve and survive.

MARS’ MESSAGE: ‘Accomplish your goals without any personal compromise.’

MAR’S WARNING: ‘If you use my energy for mindless, hostile aggression, you will quickly find that you are not the only one with strong desires.’

Mars is the planet that represents our strength, our will, and our ability to go get what we want. It represents the Male principle, i.e., needing to take action to make things the way you want them to be. When the energies of Mars are blocked or misdirected, they often burst through in the form of impatience, hostility, and sometimes violence.

Mars was the god of war in Roman times when war was considered an almost ideal way to develop an individual’s strength of mind, body, and character, as well as the strength of the whole nation. At least, that is what their leaders wanted men to think.

Today, the war we are challenged to fight is no less challenging. The information overload, chaos, and frenzied pace of everyday life demands that we use our Mars energies to work our will on the world. That takes strength of character and the focused willpower of Mars.

Aries is ruled by Mars.

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