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The stars incline us, they do not bind us.

Every moment of every day we must choose whether we want logic, emotion, or a blend of the two - guided by common sense (I would hope!) to determine how we interact with others.

Astrology inclines one to act certain ways. It does not, however, compel anyone to do anything. I've seen astrology, tarot, psychic info as well as the advice of more traditional counselors and friends used as excuses for bad decisions and/or bad behavior and it sickens me as much as it saddens me.

Only when you take responsibility for your actions can you do anything about anything because if you can't control yourself what makes you think you can control anything or anyone?

The DMV gives out different classes of drivers licenses, one class for most of us and others for those who drive cabs, trucks and 18 wheelers.

Astrology has a similar structure in that no astrologer can tell just from looking at a chart the level that chart's "operator" is working from.

Are they taking responsibility and doing what they can to direct their life or are have they given up control to others or "the universe" and are they letting themselves be blown around like leaves in the wind?

Acknowledging the Divine is a great source of inspiration, courage and especially the courage to forgive (but not, necessarily, to forget - that is unnecessary and counterproductive to your future well-being). I'm from the "God/dess helps those who help themselves" school of thought and I've seen it proven in my life and the lives of my family, friends and clients.

So each moment of each day I try to be present with myself and those I encounter, making my presence the place Edgar Cayce described when asked what was the highest achievement any soul could aspire to, i.e. a place where everyone who leaves is better off in some way than when they came to you.

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