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Rock Your Retrograde!

Before you read this have your chart handy. If you don't have your chart handy go to and get it for free. You don't need to know your birth time. This is a long but useful post that can explain aspects of your personality that are not explicable by simple planet in a sign astrology.

Retrogrades are POWERFUL!!! Enjoy and you're welcome for all the work I put into this.

I want to teach you to "Rock Your Retrogrades (c)" But what exactly IS a Retrograde Planet? It's simple, really! And it makes sense! Retrograde Planets in your chart mean that when u were born, from our Point of View (POV) here on Earth, that planet was moving backwards. Retrograde planets appear 2 b moving backwards bc from our POV their position when plotted in the zodiac appears 2 b moving backwards. To understand Retrograde Planets think of a fast train overtaking a slower train; the slow train appears to be moving backwards! That's it! Now that you understand what a retrograde planet IS, do u/someone u care about have 1 or more of them in ur chart? Do you have ur chart? I usually tell you to see your astrology chart as a pizza w/12 slices. To understand Retrograde Planets see it as a racetrack! Our astrology chart is like a photo-finish snap at a racetrack, it freezes in time the planets as they move around our chart at different speeds. This is the symbol to look for in your chart. How many of you have the ℞ after a planet in your chart. The Moon & Sun never have it. It is not unusual to NOT have ANY retrograde planets in one's chart. People who don't are VERY different from those who do! Remember we're seeing our charts as a racetrack. Now see it with 1 or more of the horses moving backwards! Everyone must move CAREFULLY! People without ANY retrograde planets in their #astrology charts do not HAVE to be as careful in their actions as those with 1 or more. People w/1 or more Retrograde Planets are born w/the feeling they can't "unleash the Kracken" when it comes to that planet & what it rules. Retrograde Planets appear to be GOING BACK OVER ground already covered, so Retrograde peeps check themselves so they won't screw up. Full Disclosure: I have SIX (count 'em!) Retrograde planets including Mercury, which I'll start off with now, speaking from experience! ;-) I have Venus & taskmaster Saturn Retrograde. Pluto, Uranus, Neptune (stationary!) & Mercury too! Like astrology's Rising Sign concept, Retrograde Planets give you secret info on you/any1 who has 1 or more. And I can't stress enough how different are people with/without Retrograde Planets, it divides us into two pseudo-races. OK, here we go: Peeps w/Retrograde Planets, this is you. Peeps w/out Retro's, here's why those who have 'em seem so weird! People w/Mercury retrograde edit their thoughts; they think it, examine it, refine it, then they say it...maybe. They know words have power. If Mercury is the "backwards" horse on your racetrack all the other planets have to watch out for your thoughts/ideas/words or they'll trip. People who don't have Mercury Retrograde wonder why those who do pause so much while speaking, or seem to reply to a different conversation! Astrologers who believe in Past Lives see Retrograde Planets as areas where a person screwed up & is careful not to repeat past mistakes. Venus Retrograde is all about how you give & receive love & how you attract & repel (a side of Venus I've discovered!) I have it, Mercury 2! Before I get Aquarian Distraction Syndrome the North & South Nodes of the Moon R ALWAYS retrograde in every1's chart. That's how they roll! Venus Retro horse moving backwards on ur track means "Watch out for love!" in every sense. It's there; find it & be careful w/it this time! Venus Retro=u know love/beauty have power, also can REPEL thru w/holding love & using charm as a club. Worry not, I have a great relationship! People who don’t have Venus Retro think those who do are too nice, spend too much energy on being attractive & drop every1 when in love. Having Retrograde planets doesn't mean that you have problems with that area of life, it means you should look b4 leaping-no sudden moves! Retrograde Mars people are focused on how they and everyone else acts, the gamut from manners to coaching to being a daredevil or pioneer. Spontaneous to a person w/Mars Retro is VERY different than what it is to someone with Mars Direct; their breaks just squeal instead of smoking! Jupiter Retrograde means growth & positiveness in one's inner life is REQUIRED before progress & good luck happens in one's outer life. Saturn Retrograde's TOUGH because Saturn/Chronos rules TIME & Retro's are all about time&timing. People with it can't goof off or take shortcuts. Uranus Retrograde's useful bc it means you get bored with being a disruptive influence & so you come to only want change w/real meaning. If you have retrograde planets, you may have misused those planets energies in past lifetimes & don't want to screw up now so BE CAREFUL! Neptune Retrograde gives u an "Accept No Substitutes" attitude towards God/dess, All-There-Is, The Great Mystery, u want direct experience. Pluto Retrograde? Pluto hears Earth's astronomers no longer consider it a planet and laughs bc it'll be a planet eons after they're dead. Pluto Retrograde peeps must restrain their tendency to let judgment, including summary judgment, negate their love for their fellow beings. Chiron is an asteroid, not a planet, technically. Retro Chiron means inner life focus must not be on wounds, past & present.

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