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Venus is the planet of peace & love

Venus: The symbol shows the circle of Spirit above the cross of Matter. This symbol indicates that with Venus, spiritual values are more important than practical considerations. Furthermore, what is pictured is the attempt to unite the ‘perfection of the Absolute’ with the material world by imposing its laws and beauty, harmony and love, on all that is personally contacted. The glyph for Venus has come to symbolize ‘Woman’.

Venus is the planet of romantic love, beauty and the arts that are associated with them. Sociable Venus rules over parties and pleasurable meetings. She accomplishes her goals by attracting only what she wants and rejecting the rest, thus making taste and values two of her special talents.

Diplomacy, tact and gentleness are a few of the Arts that are ruled by Venus. In fact, Venus rules beautiful art in general; art that involves refined forms and designs because everything must achieve harmony before usefulness.

The love and beauty of Venus has the power to both unite and heal us and a more desirable and powerful combination is difficult to imagine. Venus rules our senses of touch, taste and smell.

KEYWORDS: the feminine principle; attract; acquire; love; beautify; enhance; behave tastefully; socialize; be sociable; enjoy; value; form; discriminate; harmonize; unite; combine; refine; diplomacy; tact; gentleness; heal; be kind; make peace, love and art.

VENUS’ MESSAGE: ‘Love the good in all things and observe how all good things will be attracted to you.’

VENUS’ WARNING: ‘The beauty I seek is not merely that on the surface of things. What good is a beautiful fruit if it is rotten at the core?’

Venus is the planet of peace, love, beauty, and attraction, the obvious reason that its symbol is used to signify womankind. Venus rules all kinds of romantic love, marriage, romance, dating, and the basic attraction between people. It also rules pleasure of every description.

Though most people think of Venus as a soft, sweet energy, it also symbolizes how desire can motivate some of the most ruthless behavior imaginable. Like Mars, the male symbol, Venus is a pure energy that must be directed properly for a person’s life to run smoothly. The passion of artists is a manifestation of the properly directed power of Venus.

A true artist is driven to make art no matter what the circumstances or the consequences. All efforts to beautify or improve something, whether it is make-up for one’s face, re-decorating one’s home, or trying to create peace and harmony in the world are associated with our Venus energy.

Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus.

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