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Aries wants a partner of whom she can be proud, yet a savvy partner would be wise to be modest about personal goals and to put effort into supporting those of the sensitive Aries.


To a Taurus, love is a natural, sensual, lusty experience that can be expected to last forever. A Taurus is attracted by physical beauty as well as by the successes and achievements of her partner.


Geminis love to flirt, and it can be difficult to spot someone special amongst their many crushes. Finding a special someone frightens Geminis out of superficiality, and they must avoid becoming overly serious and obsessive in their effort to keep this special person around.


Cancerians need a partner who appreciates their hard work, their nurturing personality, and their involvement with family. Totally devoted once they commit to a love affair, they expect the same kind of loyalty in return.


Because appearance and style mean a lot to Leo, these may often be the first things he searches for in a romantic partner. But there are many other traits that are important to him, so he is not likely to judge on looks alone.


As Virgos tend to be discriminating, displaying a fine artistic taste and a wealth of knowledge on many subjects, museums, lectures, classes, food or wine tastings, galleries, concerts, and even libraries are the kinds of venues where Virgos can be at their best and ready to meet others.


As Libras are extremely sociable, they have no problem meeting interesting people. Because their talent for conversation makes them interesting dinner party guests, they have more than their share of invitations.


Scorpios are deeply attached to their loved ones. They can be possessive and dominating, but they are also very faithful when they are in love.


Sagittarians enjoy the physical pleasures of love. They are inventive, very generous, and good-natured when they are in a relationship. Although affectionate and loving, Sagittarians are totally honest with their loved ones.


Capricorns are sensible people who are unlikely to fall for someone they consider flaky or unpredictable. Their traditionalist views are an important part of who they are, so they usually look for someone who is both serious and stable.


Aquarians do not look for someone who will support them in every way or someone they can support in the same manner. More than anything, they want an equal—a person who will walk beside them, rather than lead or follow.


Pisces is the most romantic sign of the zodiac. Once in love, Pisceans are very caring, sensitive, and ready to sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of those they love. However, all too often, denial is used as a way of avoiding reality.

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