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Your Birth Chart is a Hologram!

What, exactly, is y/our birth chart/natal horoscope? What does it represent? How can you learn to read it? The key is in the word horoscope, itself. It's not that your chart is a horror, the "horo" in horoscope is from the word from which we get the word "hour" and "scope" is "to look at," like a telescope, though a horoscope is more like looking through a rifle scope. So an astrology chart is “To look at the hour of your birth,” the time of your first breath, to be more precise. Astrology books will tell you that your chart is a map of how the planets lined up around you at the moment of your birth but I am going to go Aquarian on you and tell you my discovery that your natal chart, your birth chart, your horoscope (all the same thing!) is a map of the HOLOGRAM created by the planetary energies which we ingest, we take into our very beings at the moment we take our first breath! Everyone has a different chart, they don’t replicate exactly for over 28,000 years! No one has a chart like the one i am holding, it is a teaching tool. It represents the archetype, the key to understanding the basic meanings of the Signs (outer wheel) the planets that "rule" or are most similar in qualities to that sign (middle wheel) and the numbers of the 12 Houses of an astrological chart.

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