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Mar. 21–Apr. 19

Aries youngsters will explore anything new to them in a cautious manner until they feel they understand it. Then they’ll act as if they are experts and take risks inappropriate to their level of experience. Caregivers must continually expand the boundaries of what they’re teaching an Aries child so there will be less of a tendency for the child to become a reckless know-it-all.

Simply saying “no” to an Aries child doesn’t work, nor does persuasion or using other obedient kids as examples. Aries children of any age respond best to a challenge. Give an Aries child a test and he’ll go into action, to prove he is better than anyone else—even if the test involves doing something he doesn’t like.


Apr. 20–May 20

Physical affection is essential to the healthy growth of any Taurean child. Young Taurus also needs a harmonious environment in which to flourish. Colors, sounds, and smells will affect these children quite deeply. Surrounding them with shades of spring green, light blue, pink, and rose, as well as soft music, provides reassurance and comfort.

It is good to teach Taurean children about the importance of ethics and commitment. Teaching by example is crucial and will result in their learning important lessons that they can take into their teen years and adulthood.

GEMINI The Twins

May 21–June 21

Teaching a Gemini child to slow down a little can be difficult, but it will help her blossom into a more focused adult. Geminis tend to skim the surface and may avoid finishing a chore or an assignment simply because they have moved on to the next thing that has piqued their interest.

More than anything, Gemini children need to be understood. They are naturally honest and will avoid telling the truth only as a defense mechanism when they feel misunderstood.


June 22–July 22

The parents of a Cancerian child must find a way not to be too possessive or overprotective. They may worry too much about their little Cancerian child, as children born under this sign are deeply sensitive to emotional hurts and rejections and are prone to withdrawing into their little shells. If the child feels unloved or neglected, she could grow up to be a reclusive, withdrawn adult who is overly self-protective and reluctant to trust or get too close to other people.

Cancer children can be very intuitive; many may display what appears to be psychic abilities. Their caregivers need to value this while guiding them to develop their logical faculties, too.

LEO The Lion

July 23–Aug. 22

Young Leos can become surprisingly comfortable with and adept at stretching the truth to suit their purposes if the adults around them fail to demonstrate that duplicitous behavior whose purpose is the avoiding of hurt feelings is the only proper use of not telling the truth.

Leo children are naturally happiest when doing something physical. As they grow up, they will be attracted to the opposite sex, get huge crushes, and fall in and out of love. A parent of any Leo needs to understand that Leos can be overdramatic, especially about romance, so they should encourage them to tell the truth.

VIRGO The Virgin

Aug. 23–Sept. 22

On the whole, young Virgos strive for good grades at school and help out around the house. Exacting about time, food, and orderliness, they tend to be extremely neat, almost to a fault, when it comes to their belongings. An untidy Virgo will have some other strong influence countering her Sun sign in her astrological birth chart.

Virgo children have a tendency to be critical about everyone else in the family, especially when asked for an opinion. They therefore need to be taught to accept other people’s foibles and not to get upset about little things that aren’t important.

LIBRA The Balance

Sept. 23–Oct. 23

While young Libras can pursue their interests alone, they also need company. It is from bonding with others that they learn who they really are. It is never a good idea to scold little Libras too much, especially in front of others. Doing so makes them feel ashamed and embarrassed. It could also make them feel that if they are going to fail, it had better not be in front of parents or other authority figures.

A harmonious environment and fair treatment are essential to the developing Libra. Privacy is regarded as sacred. Similarly, young Libra respects the privacy of others and keeps confidences. Affection is crucial.

SCORPIO The Scorpion

Oct. 24–Nov. 21

The best way to show love to a Scorpio child is to always be loyal and to make it possible for her to follow an interest in science, medicine, engineering, sports, or literature. Scorpio children who are not kept busy can become sullen, brooding over imagined slights from siblings or other children at school. At times a Scorpio child may feel like an outsider, so it is up to her parents to make her realize that everyone feels that way at times and it is simply a part of life.

A private space is essential for all Scorpio children—someplace where they can be alone and undisturbed. It could be a room of their own or just a closet. A secret hiding place gives the Scorpio child a sense of security.


Nov. 22–Dec.

It is important that the Sagittarian child be allowed to take advantage of opportunities for learning and socializing. It would also be an excellent idea to ensure that she has a higher education waiting for her when she is ready.

Sagittarian children may often question adult values and are eager to point out any adult hypocrisy that they notice. The best thing that the parents of a Sagittarian child can do is to be totally honest. In the case of young Sagittarius, there should be no pressure or possessiveness, but love should be given by way of encouragement and by showing pleasure. Broaden young Sagittarians’ horizons in every way possible. Giving them the means to travel is a good way, though traveling with them is best.


Dec. 22–Jan. 19

Young Capricorns are not particularly enthusiastic about sports or the outdoors, so they need to be encouraged to spend time outside in the fresh air getting some exercise. Trips to museums, visits to archeological sites, and even rock climbing are likely to satisfy them. They also need to be encouraged to relax and play.

They may seem like very serious children, but they have a sense of humor, too. Young Capricorns can have trouble fitting in with other children their age, so they need to be brought into contact with young people who share their temperament.

AQUARIUS The Water Bearer

Jan. 20–Feb. 18

A calm environment is essential to young Aquarius, because she is so sensitive to underlying tensions in the home. In practical terms, she needs to be taught simple methods for remembering things and for communicating her ideas to others.

Like any child, Aquarius needs love, especially in the form of respect, listening, appreciation, and friendship. Young Aquarius tends to act detached and dispassionate, sometimes finding close, intimate relationships difficult. She often looks more confident and acts older than she actually is, so parental encouragement and genuine interest in her ideas and needs should be expressed to reassure her.

PISCES The Fishes

Feb. 19–Mar. 20

Emotional connections with people are absolutely essential to Piscean happiness. The young Piscean is less concerned with places or things, although they often seek attachments to animals. Consequently, a Pisces child should be helped to believe in herself and prevented from becoming too clingy.

At school, young Pisces usually do not take leadership positions—they prefer to avoid the limelight. However, Piscean children are the source of wonderful ideas for art, play, and adventure. Because they have highly attuned artistic impulses, they should be encouraged to find a channel for their abilities.

(c) Monte Farber

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