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So life is simple - be aware or beware.

Life is actually pretty simple.

If you want to make the most of your time as an adult then the choice you must make at all times is to either be aware or beware. If you think I'm wrong then I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you so you can add it to all the other crap you've been sold - I'll just type up the deed and put it in our yard sale tomorrow for you to pick up. We take chip-enabled credit cards!

I used to think astrology was a bunch of crap until I met my wife of soon to be 44 years, Amy Zerner. She was studying astrology and I was studying her, so I learned astrology and it became our language of love, sort of kind of. It's a great way to look at the world.

The retrograde phenomena is one of my astrological specialties because we're on the inside of it looking out, I have six retrograde planets in my chart and Amy has five and we both have Pluto retrograde. Amy and I are very aware because when you have so many retrogrades you will experience the consequences of not being aware much faster than someone with less or no retrograde planets in their birth chart.

My explanation is to think of the planets going through their orbits around the sun as viewed from our position here on Earth relative to the signs of the Zodiac as if we're watching a horse race. Only these planet horses occasionally appear to start slowing down, stand still (make a "station") and then appear to be walking backwards on the track while the race is on and some or all of the other planets are just running on ahead. If you're not careful/aware you are going to get yourself caught in a pileup and then you'll have to beware that you don't get yourself seriously hurt.

So life is simple, be aware or beware. Sometimes it seems that we retrograde people, who are actually quite different in our attitude than people without retrogrades, have to Beware to Be Aware, but that might be my Saturn in Virgo (worrying too much) talking. Suffice it to say that you should be aware so you don't have to beware, especially if you have one or more retrograde planets in your chart and super especially when that planet is retrograde in the sky.

Lots of people are born with retrograde planets in their charts, so find out if you're one of them. You can go to and get your chart done for free. Look for the little Rx prescription symbol next to a planet - if it's there, then that planet was retrograde when you were born.

I advise people to have the self-confident peace loving warrior attitude that is appropriate in a world where a lot of people believe that they have the right to impose their will on you, either because "God" requires it of them or because they've been otherwise traumatized by their life's events.

I have never given my cat Zane any reason to not trust me, yet he is aware so he doesn't have to beware, even of me. That's what I'm talking about. Be like a cat, the epitome of grace and awareness. When you are in that zone, you are in harmony with the planets, retrograde, stationary or direct.

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