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I know... Too many things to know about. You've probably just gotten a handle on what to do now that we're in a Mercury REtrograde and here I am bothering you about JUPITER being retrograde!

I'm sorry but the Jupiter retrograde can be really good for a person if they are very deliberate about how they take their next step.

The key to prospering when Jupiter is retrograde is to ease up on the gas to any and all projects in your life, including working on people and/or animals to affect their behavior, and, instead, to concentrate on and consolidate the advances you have made when Jupiter was direct. For the curious, Jupiter will be retrograde until July 11th, so that's a lot of consolidating.

I am not saying you have to wait until July to launch a new expansion or improvement campaign about anything but, if you do, I would advise that it somehow relate to something that you are concentrating and consolidating as I advised above.

Jupiter in Scorpio would mean Fortunate Change, especially Fortunate Expansion regarding life or death issues, inheritances, legacies. It's a great time to plan one's will. I know (again). Who wants to think of death and dying? I often think that 99% of what we do and say and think about is to keep us from thinking about the fact that one day we give it all up and give it all back.

If thinking about the ultimate reality is morbid, then I'm guilty. Buddha said the mediation on death was the highest meditation because it brought everything into perspective. Who can disagree with that? Not me.

The good news, and there is always good news, is that we are going to live before we die and we are going to get the chance to have fun and be delighted and be amazed and be puzzled and have all kinds of roller coaster ride emotions and ups and downs and twists and turns. Or not.

Amy and I have worked hard on a lot of things and one of them is to have as little drama in our lives as possible, except on our 4K TV screen which allows us to see amazing drama from around the world (we heartily recommend "Occupied" on Netflix, "The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel" on Amazon Prime, "19-2" on Acorn, and "Thicker Than Water" on MHz Choice). It's the golden age of streaming TV.

Which brings me back to retrogrades, OK, I'll talk about the Mercury retrograde. I used to work as a location scout in feature films and network TV and not one show I ever worked on didn't film during a retrograde. There's three a year and it's almost impossible to avoid having a lengthy project not occur partly during a Mercury retrograde.

As I always say about the Mercury Retrograde, it's all about Be Aware or Beware, the choice is yours even when Mercury is direct, but much more so during a Mercury Retrograde UNLESS (I'm revealing a secret here!) you were born during a retrograde! If you were born during a Mercury Retrograde (especially) like me, then you actually have a tendency for long-running problems to be solved during Mercury retrogrades - I just had this happen yet again and it's a good thing, too, because I was just about to lose it!! Ooops! Another secret: I'm human! ;-)

So concentrate and consolidate the gains you have made in the past six months and if you want to initiate any major initiatives between now and July, the ones that relate to your concentrating and consolidating are the ones that will probably do best for you. And if you're invested, take a bunch of profits NOW. You're welcome.

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