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Be Aware of Your Escape Velocity This Weekend, a Once-a-Year Event is transpiring.

If you are feeling a bit at sea today and not sure of what is going on, CONGRATULATIONS! You're in the flow of the Astro Weather Energy Matrix! It's still a lucky time, believe it or not, but the kind of luck you can expect to have this weekend is getting in touch with who you are on the inside and to a degree that you may not have thought was possible!

You may even be gifted with the realization that there are two "you's," the outer you we all see and the inner you that only you know and that you let out when you want to, usually on a "leash" of your own making but occasionally it gets out and digs a hole under the fence, returning when it's run its course.

To keep the pet analogy going, this weekend the "vet" is going to come to you to make a house call, by which I mean that you are going to have the opportunity come to you (you don't have to go looking for it, hence the luck), an opportunity to see clearly AND WITH COMPASSION FOR YOURSELF (more luck!) the wounds caused by traumatic events from the past and make progress in the process of healing which, admittedly, never ends, but progress is progress, no?

But trumping even this most blessed opportunity for awareness and love and healing is one of the most major planetary events of the year, an event that will put you in touch with what I would like to call y/our "Escape Velocity."

Y/our Escape Velocity is how, how much, and how far we are willing to go to escape from situations and people that "get to us?" This Escape Velocity can actually be seen in a person's chart by a skilled astrologer and it is important because if you're thinking of a partnership with someone I would expect that you might want to know if they are going to honor their commitment or leave in the middle of it?

This weekend the Sun is going to exactly conjunct (be on the same degree as) the planet Neptune and both of them are in the compassionate, other-worldly, psychic, self-sacrificing, prone to escape zodiac sign of Pisces. And the planet Neptune is the "ruler" of the sign Pisces, which means they go together like love and marriage and a horse and carriage, an old song but take it from me, Neptune is the planet that is most like the sign Pisces.

Every sign has a bell curve of meanings. For Pisces, one end of this spectrum of attributes is the Christ Consciousness, the actual transcendental experience of the fact that we are one, that everything is energy and the compassion for all of us caught in the web of birth and death that the Buddha so perfectly expressed.

The middle of this curve? Take your pick from people who are truly caring, who put others' welfare ahead of their own (this explains a lot about people seemingly going crazy at this time in history and not caring about making their base secure, the first rule of warfare and life IMHO), to people who are intuitive, to psychic info, to people so sensitive that they feel when someone emotionally upset is anywhere near them, to people who are so sensitive that they want to escape and on to those who actually attempt to do so in some way.

If you know someone who is using some form of escape from the harsh reality that is part and parcel of life, then you know someone under the influence of the sign Pisces and/or who probably has Neptune in their chart "afflicted," as the old astrologers used to say, by which they meant there are planets making a square (90 degrees) or opposition (180 degrees) angle to them. Saturn Neptune squares and oppositions and conjunctions, for that matter, are quite difficult to deal with but deal with them we must, if that is our lot.

An astrology chart, like the astro weather, is not something that is 100% good or bad. It's more like what the great Tim Gunn says on the reality TV show, PROJECT RUNWAY, "Make it work!" This is the situation, you figure out how to balance out the mix of energies you find in and around yourself.

So get ready to have reality present you with the opportunity to take the measure of your Escape Velocity. Everyone has one and knowing where it starts and how fast it goes is a first step to making it work for you. Oh, yes, it can work for you!

There are things that we NEED to escape from, like our tendency to put down ourselves and others. To live in fear without doing something about it. To be an expert at negative affirmations, "I can't do that because..." "That will never happen because..." Those and more are things we need to escape from.

Many of us, and I mean MANY of us, need to escape from escaping! We have an opiod crisis because people want to escape from their lives. They want to escape from having no hope, from feeling powerless. Astrology, tarot, divination, meditation, spirituality, science, Quantum Affirmations, and everything else that is empowering are also rocket fuel for our Escape Velocity. We have to choose the positive fuels that actually take us places and avoid the negative ones that only lead to us crashing and burning.

Here's a link to our CHAKRA MEDITATION KIT, which you can also find in your local Barnes & Noble bookstore in the Spirituality section, where the top shelf is usually all Amy Zerner and Monte Farber (that's me!) ENCHANTED WORLD books.

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