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Be Aware the Ninth of March! There'll Be A HUGE Change In The Astro Weather

If you're going to riff on another writer, it might as well be William Shakespeare whose character's line, "Beware the Ides of March!" warning to Julius Ceasar went unheeded and he was assassinated by his friends, Romans and countrymen on March 15th, 44 BCE (Before the Common Era).

So what's happening on the Ninth of March 2018? The planet Jupiter, Bringer of Good Fortune, as the composer Gustav Holst called his musical piece for Jupiter in his amazing work, "The Planets," goes stationary retrograde! So what? I hear you say. I'll tell you, but first you should know what a retrograde planet (not a renegade planet!) actually is, to both astronomers and astrologers.

Retrograde Planets in your chart mean that when you were born, from our Point of View (POV) here on Earth, that planet was moving backwards. It's a function of the fact of the elliptical orbits of the planets and the fact that the planets move at different speeds around the Sun. Retrograde planets appear to be moving backwards because from our POV their position when plotted in the zodiac appears to be moving backwards in the zodiac. So a planet that starts going retrograde in Scorpio, where Jupiter is, can end up going back into Sagittarius, the previous sign, from our POV. To understand Retrograde Planets think of a fast train overtaking a slower train; the slow train appears to be moving backwards! That's it!

BOTTOM LINE: when Jupiter is Retrograde growth & positiveness in one's inner life is REQUIRED before progress & good luck happens in one's outer life. When Jupiter is direct, good luck can happen as if you just stepped in it.

The last months have been a period when not one single planet has been retrograde and the Astro Weather Energy Matrix has been all systems go, balls to the walls (a saying that comes from pilots pushing the ball-headed throttle of an early airplane all the way forward, giving it all the gas it was capable of handling).

You may remember that for a while I was banging on about the planets all being on one half of the zodiac and that is still true. The fact that they are all on one side of the zodiac means that we have this No REtrograde period and then a BIG Retrograde period, like when I was born (I have six planets retrograde in my birth chart, including stationary Neptune, symbolic of my psychic gift).

I usually tell you to see your #astrology chart as a pizza w/12 slices. To understand Retrograde Planets see it as a racetrack! Our astrology chart is like a photo-finish snap at a racetrack, it freezes in time the planets as they move around our chart at different speeds.

This is the symbol to look for in your chart. How many of you have the ℞ after a planet in your chart. The Moon & Sun never have it. It is not unusual to NOT have ANY retrograde planets in one's chart. People who don't are VERY different from those who do! Remember we're seeing our charts as a racetrack. Now see it with 1 or more of the horses moving backwards! Everyone must move CAREFULLY! People without ANY retrograde planets in their #astrology charts do not HAVE to be as careful in their actions as those with 1 or more. People w/1 or more Retrograde Planets are born w/the feeling they can't "unleash the Kracken" when it comes to that planet & what it rules. Mars retrograde? You won't be as thoughtlessly aggressive as someone with Mars direct. Mercury Retrograde? You will think more before you speak and perform tasks then someone with Mercury direct. Retrograde Planets appear to be GOING BACK OVER ground already covered, so Retrograde peeps check themselves so they won't screw up. Jupiter going retrograde signals the beginning of several months when going back and solidifying gains made in the months previous is going to be the smart move and what the smart money is going to do.

Do not be surprised if a lot of people start taking profits the week of March 9th, 2018. That could cause a big change in the stock market and all the markets because this idea of inner directed attention will occur to everyone on Earth. I will be writing more about this over the next several days.

Meditation is one of the best ways to deal with the stress of everyday life. Our CHAKRA MEDITATION KIT contains a book, Amy's art, and a CD of Guided Meditations that many people have told me has helped them to find peace and calmness in this wacky time. I'll put the link to the kit on our website, but you can get it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, too. If you buy it from us, we can autograph it for you. And if you don't have a CD player and you buy it from us, I'll know you've done so and I'll send you the CD as files. Pretty cool!

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