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The Anti-REtrograde Continues! A great time to sign contracts, buy things and to make your move to i

There are a lot of new-to-astrology astrologers on the web clamoring for your attention (and your hard-earned money!) and the easiest way to tell that you're dealing with one is during a Mercury Retrograde period, the three three-week periods each year when astrologers and astronomers both observe the phenomena of the planet Mercury APPEARING to start going backwards, when plotted against the backdrop of the Zodiac. We astrologers know neither Mercury nor any of the other planets are actually going backwards when they go retrograde, just like we know the Sun and Moon are not planets.

Like the words karma, yoga and meditation, the Mercury Retrograde has established itself in the general knowledge base. People who don't know a Zodiac Sign from a planet will say, "Mercury must be in retrograde," when things get SNAFUed. And the word SNAFU, itself, contains a valuable concept for understanding the true meaning of a Mercury Retrograde.

SNAFU came into general use during World War II and stands for "Situation Normal: All Fucked Up!" Newbie astrologers and even some very experienced ones who really should know better start making all kinds of pronouncements warning you off living your life, exhorting you to delay what needs to be done.

Any astrologer who tells you not to sign contracts or not to buy something even if your life is telling you that now's the time you need to sign, buy, travel, give that speech, etc., is wrong on three counts:

1) As Ptolemy, an ancient astrologer, so wisely said, "The stars incline; they do not compel."

2) As Monte Farber, a modern astrologer, has said, "When Mercury is retrograde, you are challenged to Be Aware when you engage in all things related to communication, writing, signing, etc., because if you refuse to be aware, then you must Beware."

3) As the SNAFU says, things are normally pretty screwed up on all levels of trying to get anything done with anyone, especially getting people to understand you. The Mercury Retrograde period often seems a lot worse because the tendency is to Be Aware of the SNAFU more than we usually are!

It's always a good idea to pay attention and be aware but it is an especially good idea when Mercury is Retrograde. You won't hear this said by the newbie parrot astrologers, who are lifting words from books they respect as the write, but it is actually quite possible to make great gains during a Mercury Retrograde. The easiest way to see how this is possible is to imagine how someone prepared to Be Aware might take advantage of the less prepared in a negotiation because the less prepared would be operating in the Beware zone.

The next Mercury Retrograde period will kick off on March 23rd, a sacred day around here (the birthday of both Amy and Zane!), and will last until April 15th, a sacred day in the USA because that is the day when a person's Federal Income Tax return is due. So why am I banging on about it now?

Because there are also times when it is a truly perfect time to sign contracts, buy communication equipment or fix it, buy or improve cars (which help us get around like words help our ideas get around), take a trip, and do all the other things that those misguided astrologers caution you against doing at those times. I'm not saying don't Be Aware when you do those things, but the Astro Weather Energy Matrix favors such activities and you have the most wiggle room possible in terms of being able to wiggle out of mistakes made now

Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes made during a Mercury Retrograde are much harder to unwind.

Now through Thursday is a great time for wrapping up business negotiations, signing contracts, firming up plans, and buying things, even things that are not communication related. And I still say the Markets are going to do a lot of regaining lost ground this week, though it is going to be a roller coaster and not for the faint of heart.

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