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FORTUNES WILL BE MADE (& lost) THIS WEEK! Blend logic & intution & watch the magic happe

Not everyone is invested in the stock market. As a matter of fact, I'm not. My friends who are professional investors all say the same thing, "Don't invest money you can't afford to lose." I can't afford to lose any money, therefore, no investments, other than in me and Amy (and Zane, but that's an entertainment expense if there ever was one!)

The astro weather energy matrix works whether or not you are invested in the market because we are all "invested" in something or someone. There can be big, transformative changes this week in our lives, our relationships, our living conditions and yes, our finances. The changes may not be visible but the conditions will most definitely change.

What I mean is, you may not find a suitcase full of money this week, but you may make some changes in your attitude, beliefs, or other changes on a physical level that will produce the conditions that will manifest in a better life for you in the not too distant future. Contracts may be signed, agreements and partnerships arrived at, the structure of things may be changed in such a way that benefit is derived even more in the future than this week.

But if intuition is not part of the equation and strictly practical matters are allowed to direct what happens, then there is the potential for great loss, both personally and in the obvious arena: The Market. This can be stocks, bonds, commodities, gold and similar. The Sun rules gold, so it such move a lot this week.

The conditions are right for another big move in the markets this week, starting today, February 26th, 2018. If you have the stomach for the roller coaster ride like the one that happened a few weeks ago, fasten your seat belts and cash out at least a bit when things go up for a couple of days.

Today, Monday, the ball starts rolling because the Sun is in Pisces and it is EXACTLY sexytile(R) to the planet Saturn in its home sign of Capricorn. This is the perfect blend of hard-nosed practicality, Saturn/Capricorn, and an ego-curbing Sun/Pisces, to if one can use one's intuition and not stray off the path of logic and proportion (thank you Jefferson Airplane!) then you can do well at whatever you do this week.

There is great potential for people to move the ball forward this week in whatever they do, not just investors and business people, though Saturn/Capricorn certainly favors that aspect of reality. If you have a goal, the wind is at your back and you can more easily kick the ball through the goal posts this week than at any time in this already crazy crazy year!

Looking at what is ruled by these too planets may give us a hint at what could be the source of the market turbulence this week. The most obvious one is Oil & Gas, two things totally "ruled" by the sign Pisces and the planet Neptune, which is also, like Saturn, in its "home" sign, in this case Pisces. I would be quite surprised if Oil & Gas didn't make some big moves this week.


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