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If you want to be a reader, you have to be comfortable with the unavoidable fact that people are coming to you with problems that are bothering them enough to consult a reader and most of them are going to cry in front of you, if you’re a good reader, that is. This is true even when the “best” tarot cards make their appearance to guide or the astro weather days positively scream positivity.

Yesterday and today, however, and tomorrow, too, were, are and will be some of the best days of this year for crying. And I would like to thank my artistic genius of a wife, Amy Zerner, for allowing me to use this drawing she did as a child to illustrate this important essay. Astrologers, please note that young Amy drew the symbol for Chiron in the pupil of this drawn eye, the asteroid figures prominently in this essay! Talk about being in the flow!!!

I take it as a supreme compliment when people I read for feel comfortable enough with me to cry with me there. It’s similar to the way you feel when you’re driving and your passengers are comfortable enough with your driving that they are able to sleep while you drive (or are super tired!)

If you want to have a good cry with a reader who is not only going to understand why you’re crying and take it as a compliment, and will keep on advising you the whole time I’m understanding you (hmm, I may be very annoying!), I’m your reader!

As Paramahansa Yogananda said, “The time of failure is the time to sew the seeds of future successes,” and I’ve taken that amazing incarnation of love’s ball and ran with it: I say the time of tears is the best time to sew the seeds of future happiness. I hope Yogananada likes it!

If you cried yesterday or today, Sunday February 18th, 2018, or even if you just felt like crying, congratulations! You are a sensitive, plugged in person = plugged into the cosmic energy flow - and if that’s true, you may find yourself having another cry tomorrow, Monday, and not just because you don’t like Mondays and it’s back to work, school or whatever.

On Saturday, the planet Mercury, which in the language of astrology represents our logical mind, how we perceive what is around us from moment to moment, left the scientific nut job robot who can sit there with people crying in front of him sign of Aquarius (my Sun sign) and entered the everything is beautiful in its own way sign of Pisces, joining. The Moon (which is leaving Pisces for Aries tomorrow), Neptune (which rules Pisces, a big deal!), Venus (how we attract, what we love), and the asteroid Chiron, symbolic of childhood traumas we carry with us our whole lives. And later today the Sun goes into Pisces for thirty days. That’s a lot of Pisces oneness-with-the-universe and compassion-for-one’s-fellow-beings. See, there’s a method to my madness, I’m not just talking through my beret.

If you read my essays regularly, you’ll recall that I’m always banging on about Pisces this and Pisces that and how the Age of Pisces was the Age of Faith but also the Age where science was sin and the Dark Ages and its truly horrible, fucked up treatment of people in the name of religion and “God” grew crazier and crazier without any logic or reason and the evil grew stronger and stronger, like anaerobic bacteria growing without oxygen- yuch!

Now the Aquarian Age we are currently living in has its faults but I feel more hopeful than I’ve been in many lifetimes (did I really say that?) So maybe that is why I am comfortable with crying people because I am a first responder and run towards people who need help and I’ve trained my whole life in how to help them. That and, as a person with Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius, Moon in the crying sign of Pisces, I actually sort of look forward to when I will be the one crying the way a kid looks forward to going on a roller coaster, scared, excited and sure that it is, ultimately, a good thing. It cleans you out in a real and profound way and washes the chalk off my emotional blackboard so I can get on with solving a new equation.

I’m going to show you our ANIMAL POWERS MEDITATION KIT because animals and stories about animals can make me cry, especially my favorite animal, Zane the crazy it’s raining out, let’s get sopping wet! shaman cat. We love him so. And here he comes, that wacko, wanting to be let out when I’m just about ready to go to sleep. Nice try, good timing, but I’m not crying and falling for that game again, no matter how much I love you!

And, oh yeah, death. Death makes me cry. I could have sworn that I was going to figure out how the annunaki left those “junk genes” in our DNA so that, once we figured out how to “turn them on,” we would live for hundreds of years, but I have not been able to do that and I’m astounded that all these super rich .com billionaires haven’t spent their billions on making sure that they stay at the top of the heap. Oh, well. May all beings find peace, bliss and enlightenment (whatever that is!)

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