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What Kind of Astro Friend are You?

Aries As Friends Arians make for fun and entertaining friends, but they are not usually inter- ested in entertaining for its own sake; they usually have a reason for having a dinner party or gathering. They like to network and meet new people who might be interested in their work or ideas. Aries friendships don’t last long if the other party doesn’t understand that the Aries individual is highly competitive and focused on achievements and furthering her career. Taurus As Friends Those born under the sign of the Bull enjoy warm friend- ships with people who have good taste and with whom they can enjoy a good meal and converse about matters involving art, beauty, investments, and gardening. Highly affectionate toward their friends, Taureans enjoy calm, caring people who have the same qualities they do. The center of their universe is security, both physical and emotional, and through the gift of friendship they provide this treasure to others. Geminis As Friends Geminis make for spirited, fun friends who are eager to try new adven- tures. Drawn to lively, intelligent conversations, they like people who share their curiosity about the world. They generally enjoy spending time with individuals who respond well to or enjoy spontaneous activities and spur-of-the-moment plans. Geminis never want to miss anything, and hence may end up being early or late for a get-together. They love to network and are not at all possessive when it comes to sharing their contacts. Cancers As Friends There is no one who is more giving than a Cancer who feels secure emotion- ally. However, when those born under the sign of the Crab feel insecure, they are totally unable to give, and their resulting behavior can confuse friends who have come to depend on them at critical times. On the Cancer’s part, his sensitivity can lead to emotional moments with friends and his feelings being hurt. Cancerians are reluctant to tell anyone about their own needs for fear that the people they care about will let them down. Leos As Friends In general, Leos like their friends to be success- ful, but not so successful as to take any attention away from Leo’s limelight! A friend who has strong personal aspirations or ambitions that compete with Leo’s may nd it impossible to have a close and trusting relationship. A friend who fails a Leo by criticizing something she has done or belittling something she cares deeply about may be dropped like a hot potato. Virgos As Friends When it comes to making friends, Virgos are usually drawn to people who are tidy, clean, and intelligent. What’s more, they tend to appreciate those who have a broad range of interests. Virgos tend to stay away from individuals given to big shows of emotion, preferring instead to spend time with those who offer a sense of peace and serenity. Libras As Friends Libras are loving friends and are unlikely to embarrass anyone with emotional outbursts. Libran friends are honest and treat their friends fairly. They need to keep a balance between work and play, and between their thoughts and their emotions. This is what makes them happy. Friends should never forget that the worst thing for a Libra is to be left alone for too long. If this happens, Libras can become irritable and depressed, and their self-esteem can suffer. Friends also need to know that Libras nd it dif cult to ask for help when they are feeling unhappy. Scorpios As Friends In general, Scorpio likes a friend who recognizes Scorpio’s magnetic and intense personality and appreciates that she is deeply caring and emotionally involved. Scorpio chooses only a few friends and expects loyalty from them. Scorpio keeps close friends for many years. Scorpios have good memories and enjoy telling jokes. They are generous and hospitable toward friends, and also make strangers welcome when they call for help or advice. Sagittarians As Friends Sagittarians accept any friend who lives up to their personal standards. They defend their friends with great loyalty, but they also say exactly what they think. Close friendship with just one or two people is not the Sagittarian norm. In fact, anyone who tries to get too familiar with or who takes advantage of the Sagittarian natural friendliness may be struck by Sagittarians’ brutal honesty, which can sometimes cut like a dagger. Capricorns As Friends If a friendship fails because of bad judgment on their part, Capricorns can turn very negative. They will brood for days and weeks, mulling over an argument or a poor decision. Capricorns have an irritating habit of recommending things that they think will be good for a friend, but that the friend does not want. At their very worst, Capricorns may ruthlessly use a friend to further an ambition. Aquarians As Friends An Aquarius takes great interest in her friends’ ideas and projects, and enjoys giving advice and creative input. If an Aquarius wants to have the kind of friendships she has always dreamed of, she must avoid letting her tendency to go to extremes cause her to imagine that she must make radical changes that are really too much to ask of herself and others—changes that are bound to be too difficult to maintain. Pisces As Friends Pisceans always think up something interesting to do and enjoy any kind of artistic venture. They can sometimes seem cool and offhand. This is usually temporary and due to a moment of insecurity. Pisces does not nd it easy to conform; friends with conservative attitudes may nd this a difficulty.

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