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It's all about gravitational waves. Whether or not you think astrology works, I hope you accept the fact that there is gravity? Thought so. And I also hope you understand that gravity is an especially powerful force as it emanates from the large massive bodies we call "planets," a word derived from the Greek for "wanderer," because they appeared to be stars that were not fixed in relation to each other but moved through the night sky.

Planetary gravity is so strong that the indescribably massive planets actually pull on and effect each other's orbits! Don't believe me? The slight imperfection in the orbit of the planet Uranus was caused by Neptune's gravitational pull and that is what gave astronomers in 1845 the clue that led to Neptune's existence being predicted and finally observed in 1848. I won't say it was discovered because, like all the planets beyond Saturn, it was re-discovered - the Sumerians knew all the planets 5,000 years ago!

So why should the jumble of gravitational waves emanating from the Sun, Moon and all the planets have any kind of perceptible and - here's the kicker! - predictable influence on us sentient beings here on planet Earth, itself pumping out it's own gravitational waves that one might think would override the influence of the distant Moon, Sun and planets? The Earth's waves keep us attached to the surface of the Earth, right? That's a pretty strong force and the extraterrestrial planetary waves affect us in ways subtle and occasionally, like in the case of a full Moon, not so subtle.

But how, I hear you saying, does astrology work? Get to the point! OK, I'll do more than tell you, I'll show you! You need two polarized lenses, like from polarized sunglasses, so if you wear them and don't feel like popping out the lenses and don't have another pair, get with a friend who has their own pair of polarized sunglasses.

Polarized sunglasses are so named because the lenses filter out all light waves that are not on a north pole to south pole axis. If you take a polarized lens and then put a second one over it and rotate them slowly while looking through them, you will see that they soon do not let ANY light pass through them! This occurs when the polarized light axis of the two lenses are at right angles to each other. But how, you ask, does this describe how astrology works? OK, the ground has been prepared and here we go!

The Sun, Moon, and planets are bombarding the Earth with their subtle but planet-moving-powerful gravitational forces and when planets make various angles to each other then these gravitational forces blend in ways similar to but more complex than in our polarized lens show and tell experiment. But wait! There's more!

These blended energies from the Sun, Moon and planetary bodies are bombarding the Earth and it is affected by these energies as a planet, but we are, each of us, a living hologram of the energies that we ingested with our first breath on the day we were born (that is why Cesarian births are accurate. In a perfect world, charts would be calculated by the time of the person's first breath and not "just" their equally miraculous passage from their mother's body into individualized person-hood.)

So astrology works because it enables us to "read" the interaction between the various planetary wave energies and the hologram of our birth time that each of us carries with us. I realize that we are not our baby self but I don't think I'm the only person who believes without question that with all of the changes I've gone through as a person, there is still a real and present part of me that hasn't changed since that true birth day of mine.

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