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Tarot Cards as The First Search Engine

We think of ‪Tarot Cards as The First Search Engine: You want to know something, you pull a card thinking about what you want to know, which is the current goal of Google & Co, (computers directed by thought), and you get an answer which requires interpretation, reflection and refinement.

Each Tarot reading reveals a separate adventure on the journey that is your life. By using specific card layouts, a reader can gain insight into their life path, receive guidance on a course of action, or learn about another person’s character and motives.

For example, one can make a wish and read the outcome, get a birthday reading that describes the coming year, gain information about relationships and family issues, identify one’s fears and a path to dealing with them, or discover how to balance one’s Chakras.

People consult the Tarot because it works for them in answering their questions and helping to make important decisions.

We’ve devised tarot tools to help you communicate with your Higher Self quickly and easily, even in the midst of modern life. Using the power of the Tarot gives users a unique advantage over those not bold enough to explore all of their options for gathering and processing information.

Reading the cards can be a very powerful, exciting, and enjoyable experience.

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