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What Your Astrology Sign Needs To Know

SHHHSH! This info is available only on a Need To Know basis. Nah, who am I kidding? This info is available if you click on the link below, log into my Astro weather report blog, and, if you are able to, contribute as little as US$3.95 to the Keep Monte Farber Writing Overly-long Nightly Posts on Facebook (and his blog, of course) Fund. If you're short of funds, register anyway, it's a voluntary contribution not a barrier to entry requirement.

It's been a while since I did one of these sort of kind of exclusive posts but those of you who have been kind enough to contribute well understand that whether I post exclusively on my blog or here on Facebook I'm still writing and it's still for you and I truly appreciate your acknowledgement of the bond between author and reader.

Here's the link to find out what your astrology sign needs to know!

If Aries only Knew... Arians are so busy being their pure self that they don’t realize that some consider them bossy. They don’t crave power for its own sake; they simply are not comfortable when anything they are connected with is not clearly de ned or resolved, and so they immediately take action to force all concerned to create a de nite resolution If Taurus only Knew… While Taureans are comfortable with their communication skills, they may not feel that they are as witty and wise as other people. They need to realize that it is the strength and sincerity of their speech that makes the emotions they convey so believable and endearing. If Geminis only Knew Most people want to be known for their unwav- ering commitment to a bunch of opinions about what is true about life— most people other than Geminis, that is. With their remarkably adaptable nature, Geminis thrive on new ideas and opinions and are generally open to a change in perspective. If Cancerians only Knew... For the most part, other people perceive only the powerful will and self-discipline of Cancer. Yet Cancerians often feel weak simply because they are so sensitive. This is odd, since it is precisely that sensitivity that gives them the ability to reach out to other people in ways that are so special and so spiritually pure. If Leos only Knew... Leos need to realize that they cannot always be the star of the show and that there are times when it is better for them to follow the example of others rather than always having to lead the way. They should know that it is not only their masterful personality but also their sunniness, kind disposition, and fair-minded approach to life that attracts the admira- tion and love of the people around them. If Virgos only Knew... Those lucky enough to have a Virgo love interest are usually those seeking the best that life has to offer, which is why it is not unusual for two Virgos to get together; such a union is a unique experience for the rest of the world to observe, but it’s not that unusual an occurrance. If Libras only Knew Libra may have learned from others whom she looked up to and respected that this unequal and disappointing tendency was the way to act in a relationship. Libras believe deeply in the power of communication in any relationship. They feel that issues, good and bad, can be handled and solved as long as the talking doesn’t stop. If Scorpios only Knew Scorpios work very hard to impress other people with their efforts, but the one they want most to impress is themselves. This is complicated by the fact that they feel they are being graded, perhaps unable to achieve the high standards they, and others, expect. They should know that it is no sin to take a day off once in a while to rest and regroup. If Sagittarians only Knew... If Sagittarians only knew that they could find much of the happiness they are looking for in their proverbial backyard, they might not feel as if they had to go so far afield to find it. If Capricorns only Knew... Capricorns struggle to present themselves honestly, because they are afraid of how others will view them. One reason Capricorns are unwilling to let down their hair is their fear that they will appear to have the normal human frailties. So often they hold themselves to a higher stan- dard, not realizing that it is the quest for perfection, not perfection itself, that makes them admirable. If Aquarians only Knew... They would give themselves a chance to explore the ups and downs of emotional involvement without worrying that it would complicate life for them. Aquarians, once they open the floodgates, or the "oddgates," as I Freudian typoed, can come to terms with both past and present life events that have been awaiting resolution. If Pisces only Knew... At times, what they perceive to be a weakness is actually strength in the way that their great sensitivity allows them to deal with burdens that other, less-perceptive people cannot handle. Pisceans are accustomed to being treated by others as if they are emotion- ally fragile beings, and at times this causes them to have a less-than-stellar opinion of themselves, which is unfair.

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