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***ASTRO WEATHER REPORT*** Do You Know Where Your VENUS Is?

VENUS in the sky above us is retrograde and on the 27th degree of the sign of Pisces. So what? I'll tell you so what. If you have a planet that is in aspect to said retrograde Venus in Pisces you can bet that you are feeling quite emotional about whatever it is that said planet in aspect has to do with.

Example: I have the Moon on the 28th degree of Pisces and today I had just about the worst dream I can remember and I do remember a lot of my dreams. I'm not a big fan of dreams to begin with because I like my waking life so much and dreams seem so out of control and, well, dreamlike (can't blame them for that!) but this one has me thinking about it a lot.

So in honor of Venus retrograde I'm going to post on my blog, the link's below, my social media friendly delineation of what Venus means in the 12 different signs of the Zodiac. When you click on the link you'll be taken to my blog where those of you who've registered can click onto the Venus descriptions and read everything I've ever posted there, too - there's A LOT of stuff there, a couple of astrology books worth, at least. And if you feel generous and Pay-It-Forward-ish, you can contribute as little as US$3.95 and balance the writer/reader karma. But if you're a bit short of funds, don't despair, it's a suggested contribution and I've been homeless and want you to read my work because it will help you make money. Especially for the purpose of getting you back on your feet and improving everyone's life is my free Facebook Group, QUANTUM AFFIRMATIONS, where there's tons of info and videos for actually improving your life, not just saying a bunch of feel-good affirmations that don't really change much about your material circumstances, unless you, too, hit on the QA technique I used to go from being homeless to however you want to describe how I am today. I think "happy" sums it up. OK, here's the link!


Do u know where ur ‪Venus‬ is? Venus describes your Love Life! Venus in ur chart symbolizes how u express love/emotions in relationships, what kind of people you attract. Go to Alabe dot com and get your free astrology chart to find out which sign Venus is in your astrology chart.

#Venus ‪#‎Aries‬: Affectionate, Hot, Independent, most #Ishtar place 4 Venus! U love things ur own way! U initiate. Loved bc ur Authentic! #Venus ‪#‎Taurus‬: Loyal! Even if u lose respect 4 sum1 u stay. Ur feelings don't change. Bware of jealousy. Ur lucky & love the good life. #Venus ‪#‎Gemini‬: Love of variety (fill in the blanks!) U learn from love, if there's nothing 2 learn u leave. No emotional types 4 u. #Venus ‪#‎Cancer‬: Love of mother/nurturing. U need 2 feel CLOSE. Feeling unloved or lonely leads 2 insecurity & jealousy. U hurt back if hurt. #Venus ‪#‎Leo‬: Loyal 2 those honest worthy & loyal 2 u. Need 2 b proud of friends/lovers. Don't overlook those less "showy" than you. #Venus ‪#‎Virgo‬: Love being healthy & useful, less attracted 2 those u can't help. YOU ARE PICKY! B aware no1 is perfect! Don't b cheap! #Venus ‪#‎Libra‬: Love beauty & harmony. B aware u have 2 b urself & not who u think some1 wants u 2 b. Don't fear being alone, we love u! #Venus ‪#‎Scorpio‬: Love sex magic power. Intense likes/dislikes, no weaklings! Possessive, few close 2 u bc u only want who/what's real. #Venus Sagittarius: Love nature justice philosophy. Loving you is like loving a friendly judge, you rule! Experimental. A player 4 sure. #Venus #Capricorn: Love respect. Ur moderate, don't show love/feelings easily, reserved. May b w/older person who can teach/help u. #Venus #Aquarius: Love unusual genius friends. Must feel free so few close friends. Lovers must excite/surprise u. Sudden attractions. #Venus #Pisces: Love ideal fantasy escape. Lovers must stimulate ur imagination. Ur very sensitive & unselfish. Avoid drugs/drink, ur hi!

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