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In what way are you crazy, even in your own opinion? You may think #Astrology is crap like I did, before I learned REAL astrology, which is a psychological language, but don't skip this post, unless you enjoy being miserable and spending money on shrinks that only shrink your bank account. I can help you see your craziness in a new perspective, so read on and see if I'm as full of it as almost everyone seems to be these days, especially most politicians. To paraphrase former President Bill Clinton's reminder to his campaign what it was that was the most important thing to focus on to be President (It's the economy, stupid!), it's your Saturn, stupid! In astrology, the Sign of the Zodiac where Saturn "lives" in your chart shows you an aspect of your core belief system that is in need of serious attention because it is limiting your enjoyment of life, sometimes to the extreme where it ends up limiting your life's duration, as in you die. Many who famously die too young, in their late twenties to very early thirties, do so when Saturn has had a chance to lap the Zodiac and return to the place it was on the day they were born. Astrologers call that your first Saturn Transit and it happens every twenty-eight years or so, approximately. But I'm getting ahead of myself and Saturn, aka Chronos, "rules" time and so I'd better get back on track and watch my step, two other things Saturn rules. The Zodiac Sign your Saturn is in reveals where you don't think straight, the rock in your shoe, your "mishigas" as they say in Yiddish, your craziness that even you don't really understand. So if you've gone to Alabe dot com and gotten your free natal chart - you don't need to know your time of birth to learn where Saturn is in your chart - welcome to class. Saturn rules teachers and teaching and all authority figures worthy of respect. Fooling around in Saturn's classroom invites punishment, revocation of privileges and all the other stuff a stern father-figure might mete out to a child that wants to do what it wants to do, not what it knows it HAS to do. What you have to do is what Saturn is all about. I will go into depth about Saturn through the signs one at a time; it might make a great and useful book one day. Today I'm just going to give you a cursory but meaningful peak into Saturn through the twelve signs of the zodiac. Remember, the signs of the Zodiac are about ways of looking, thinking and feeling about things. The twelve "houses" of the astrology chart, which resembles a 12 slice round pizza pie, are about the different "slices of life" that are affected by the planets in their signs. The planets are the toppings and the signs are the cheeses! Hungry? Saturn is the discipline we need to accomplish anything that we want to exist in time but for our purposes here today Saturn = problems. I want to use my patented "keyword" system so I won't be here all night to give you each a meaningful look into your Saturn. It is imperative to realize that even when you have identified and started to get a handle on what limiting thoughts and beliefs are afflicting you via Saturn's influence YOU ARE STILL GOING TO NOT THINK STRAIGHT ABOUT THAT AREA OF YOUR LIFE! Yes, it will diminish and get better but no, it won't go away. Saturn is brushing your teeth, you have to do it every day or big problems arise. Example: I have Saturn in Virgo, Problems with worry. Do you think knowing that stops me from worrying? Nope. Being aware of it does help and mitigate it somewhat, sometimes less so. So I brush my teeth and I am aware that even when I think I'm worrying less I'm still worrying more than most people do. If not worry, than analyze, a nicer word (that has "anal" in it, as in anal retentive - Virgo can be too into order and cleaning - so it's more apt than I thought!) Please Note: When I say things like "Problems with being bossy," that can mean problems with being too bossy or not bossy enough. You could also encounter the energy of your Saturn from someone else being bossy (for example), especially if you have it in the 7th House and, to a lessor extent, in the 11th House. The same things goes for each and every keyword mashup of Problems with just a few of the meanings of the 12 signs. OK, here we go: SATURN IN ARIES Problems with being first, with being a pioneer, with being alone, with being bossy, with being aggressive, with fighting for what you think is worth fighting for. SATURN IN TAURUS Problems with coping, with giving up, with adapting, with sensuality, with values, with stopping, with being strong, with being stubborn. SATURN IN GEMINI Problems with communicating, with connections, with multi-tasking, with boredom, problems with learning, problems with duality, problems with beliefs. SATURN IN CANCER Problems with nurturing, problems with feeling nurtured, problems with intuition, problems with mothering, problems with one's mother or caregiver who fulfilled that role. SATURN IN LEO Problems with status, problems with coming before the public, problems with leadership, problems with ego, problems with embellishment, with acting out SATURN IN VIRGO Problems with worry, with perfectionism, with order and cleanliness, problems with over analyzing, problems with not seeing the forest for the trees, thinking too small SATURN IN LIBRA Problems with balance, problems with agreements, with commitment, with coming before the public, with judging and being judged SATURN IN SCORPIO Problems with intensity, problems with profound change, with sexual matters, with getting to the heart of things, with rooting out the truth, with magic SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS Problems with honesty, problems with things foreign, problems with those considered unlearned, with natural healing, with horses (centaurs?) SATURN IN CAPRICORN Problems with authority, with structure, with time and timing, with sensual needs vs business at hand, with manipulating people SATURN IN AQUARIUS Problems with being different, with disruption, with scientific advances, with friends, hopes and wishes, with throwing out the baby with the bathwater (figuratively!) SATURN IN PISCES Problems with sensitivity, with psychic matters, with matters beyond words, with things overwhelming, with balancing the personal with humanity And there you have it. My Saturn in Virgo wishes it was perfect but my new Saturn Awareness helps me see there's no such thing. Fact: I realized I was a perfectionist when someone said I was one and I replied "I'm not a perfectionist. If I was, I'd be more perfect." Ooops! My secret revealed, my troubles healed!!!

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