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Which Goddess' Special Power Do You Need to Manifest Today???

In my humble opinion, every day is international women's day or it should be. I have always been a "feminist," ever since I saw how unfair it was for women in the 1950's when I was a child and believe me IT WAS A LOT UNFAIRER then (I know it isn't a word!) It's still unfair. For most women in the world life is as bad for them as it was for women born in the Dark Ages!! It really pisses me off and I did something about it. Way back in 1992, Simon & Schuster published our book/game/self-help book, GODDESS GUIDE ME! Check out the amazing four foot by three foot tapestries that my very own goddess, Amy Zerner, made for our creation. It has to be seen for you to understand how it works and IT WORKS! Just like women. Enjoy!

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