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***ASTRO WEATHER REPORT*** You Can't Petition The Planets With Prayer! edition

If "There are no accidents," then why did I have one today? I'm fine, thank you. In true Aquarian fashion, I carefully drove all the way to Southampton Hospital as the snow did its business and the highway department did not, picked up someone who'd had recovered enough from the flu to realize that there really is no place like home, dropped her off with a food package I'd bought for her so she didn't have to venture out into white out world, and then proceeded to knock off its perch my heavy duty vandal-proof rolled steel purple painted mailbox as I made the turn into my own driveway for like the millionth time since 1975! My rear passenger door, the mailbox and its connections on the cement anchored post were the only casualties; them, and my long-time accident free driver's pride, of course.

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